The Breakfast Menu…Obama style

How will historians deal with the departed (and all but forgotten) Obama?  It would seem, in hindsight, that forcing our first black President to live in the “White” House carried with it a nasty racist undertone.  Going forward we should, in deference to Obama, refer to the Presidential residence in a manner more reflective of the primary characteristic that marked his time in office.  Henceforth we should refer to the executive mansion when Obama was in residence as the Waffle House.

Case in point: Obama’s destabilization of the Middle East.  Welcome to Waffle House…order up!

Libya: From the moment that Reagan dropped a missile into Qaddafi’s living room the Libyan dictator was as docile as a neutered feline.  Everyone can agree that he was not a pleasant fellow and would not have been a welcome guest at your holiday soiree.  But he was no longer an activist in the export of terror and he was, if not a US ally, at least playing the role of Switzerland.  Why, then, would Obama do nothing when the militant Islamists  decided to remove Dr. Qaddafi?  Especially when there was no plan in place for a successor regime.  The net result is an unstable semi-state that has become a breeding ground for ISIS jihadists.   Admittedly most of the militants were driven to support terror, not because Qaddafi had been removed, but rather by the mere thought that some of their colleagues were residing in GITMO.  We lost four Americans, including our Ambassador, who were murdered by a group of movie enthusiasts who took to the streets.  As Henry Jones Sr. said in The Last Crusade: “Our situation has not improved”.  I’ll take blueberry syrup on those waffles please!

Egypt:  Mubarak was an authoritarian leader who had been an American ally.  When the local populace rose against him Obama sat idle and nodded his agreement when the Muslim Brotherhood took control of the Egyptian government.  He suggested that he was merely supporting “the will of the people”. The Brotherhood is anti-American and pro-Sharia.  They immediately began to eliminate the Coptic Christian population.  They gave support to Islamist terrorists.  Foreign aid continued apace…until General Sisi stepped in to provide some adult supervision.  Obama immediately reduced support for the new government in Cairo.  Can I get whipped cream for my waffles please?

Iran:  Contrast Obama’s reaction to the popular uprising in Iran.  He studiously ignored the Iranians who took to the streets seeking basic freedoms and allowed the despots in Tehran to throttle the dissenters.  At no point did Obama mention that “will of the people” nonsense. We can safely assume that the crowds were not simply dispersed.  Iran’s tyrannical theocracy, the world’s strongest supporter of global terrorism, remains firmly in place.

But there were still sanctions in place which were severely constraining the Iranian economy…right?  Not so much!  Obama entered into an “executive agreement” with Iran which (a) lifted sanctions; (b) provided about $150 billion to the mullahs for infrastructure, tax relief and terrorism, and (c) clears the path for Iran to develop nuclear weapons.  There have been multiple violations of the agreement which the administration studiously ignored.  Up with Brexit…order some Belgian waffles!

Iraq: “Hey guys we will pulling our military assets next Thursday at noon so please be good”.  Obama promised prior to his election that we would get out of Iraq and he proceeded to do just that…a rare act by a politician.  Of course this action had an equal and opposite reaction…creation of a power vacuum that was inevitably filled by proxies of Iran.  There followed an occupation by a fledgling group of militant jihadists, some JV team, that quickly morphed into ISIS.  Obama made it clear that all of this trivia was Bush’s fault which required him to do, well, nothing.  This left a destabilized Iraq threatened by ISIS to the west and Iran on the east…a waffle sandwich.  Butter or margarine on those waffles?  Oh, I just can’t choose.

Syria: The authoritarian oculist in Damascus has managed to destabilize his own country and the entire Levant in the bargain.  He has used chemical weapons against his own people.  He has created millions of refugees who, inexplicably, choose not to live in their homeland.  He has presided over the birth and development of ISIS.  After he used weapons of mass destruction against Syrians Obama was so irate that he drew a delible line in the sand accompanied by some very serious and threatening finger wagging.  Thereafter he retreated to the golf course to bask in his glory…move over Schwarzenegger!

His failure to act allowed Darth Putin to move into region as protector of Assad and as a beachfront bargain hunter on the Eastern Mediterranean.  How Putin ever managed to find the time to hack our election process is a real puzzler.  So Assad, who makes Mubarak look like a saint, remains firmly ensconced with his chemical inventory, refugees are living in total misery and Putin profits from the chaos.  All because the ditherer-in-chief loves waffles.

As we have observed in the past there were clues aplenty in Obama’s very short pre-election resume.  He voted “present” at a dizzying pace in the Illinois and US senates.  He could walk through wet cement and leave no footprints.  He was, in short, incapable of making simple decisions except when he was filling out his NCAA basketball brackets.  Byron York, of all people, offered a laughable explanation.  Obama, you see, is so cerebral that he suffers from paralysis by analysis, seeing a six level chessboard of options.  A breakfast buffet must absolutely paralyze him.  It is not being “cerebral” that causes the problem but rather the fact that he quite simply does not understand anything going on around him.  In the end he defaults to any position that supports militant Islam.

Turkey: This past Thanksgiving Obama, in the grand Presidential tradition, granted amnesty to a turkey named Erdogan.  As it happens Erdogan is pushing Turkey toward a Muslim state based on full Sharia Law.  No waffles in this case as he had the full support of Obama.

Israel: This loyal US ally that was subjected to withering criticism from the Obama administration.  Netanyahu was badly treated personally by Obama.  The US abstained on the final vote at the UN against Israeli settlement policy.  Apparently Netanyahu refused to adopt Sharia Law for his nation.   Perhaps all those years listening to his pastor, the anti-Semite Reverend Wright, drives Obama’s antipathy toward the Jewish state.  He even sent a team of election advisors to Israel to support opponents of Netanyahu…obviously trying to influence their election…sound familiar?  The answer is, of course, that Israel is opposed by every Islamic state and is, therefore, fair game.  Students at Palestinian schools study maps that do not include Israel.  More UN resolutions have been passed condemning Israel than against all other nations combined.  With respect to Israel Obama is a towering pillar of hypocrisy.

Happily our new President has delivered some Easter bouquets to Assad and Afghanistan in the form of Tomahawk missiles and the MOAB…Mother of All Bombs.

Cancel that order for waffles and bring me a raw steak!



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  1. Great post! Fire for effect.!!

    When Assad started his BS, two carrier groups standing off Syria with a no fly zone imposed on Dr. Death would led to a much better outcome. All effective leaders know how to wield power and when to use it.

    We are about to see the other side of the coin in Korea.

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