First Amendment Free Speech…RIP

Eric Blair meets Charles Dodson on the campus quad and America descends into mindless turmoil!

One of the great Reagan quotes, used previously on this site, captures the situation perfectly:  “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”  This effectively describes the millennial snowflakes and their apologists who have been driven around the bend by the election of President Trump.  The following examples will bring this point home…

Debating the issues:  Masked Hitlerian “protestors” have revived the role of the Nazi book burning thug to critical acclaim by the liberal media.  They describe themselves as “anti-fascists” which is, apparently, an irrebuttable defense to the suppression of the exercise of speech with which they disagree.  A Colby professor (no doubt tenured) has suggested that speech that is contrary to the standards of the community/audience is not protected by the first amendment.  He did not opine as to who would define this “standard”.  Perhaps we should task someone like Rush Limbaugh to put together some guidelines to assist colleges and universities in selecting guest speakers.  One doubts that the powers that be would embrace this nominee because, sadly, in the eyes of the “students” Joseph Stalin would be a more suitable choice for this task.

This begs the question as to what methods should be used to enforce the redefined right to “free” speech.  In Berkeley, once the gold standard for free speech, enforcement includes rioting, vandalism and violence designed to deny speakers such as Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos the ability to share their thoughts with people who wish to hear them out or, dare I say, engage in a debate.  These self-described anti-fascists employ the very best tactics of the National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany during the Third Reich.  They fail to appreciate (or understand) the irony!  Fascism has nothing to do with it but the left believes it to be so.

Education: According to Socrates “(e)ducation is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”.  Clearly propaganda masquerading as education would be antithetical to this Socratic vision.  One would assume that an open discussion of the various theories and arguments regarding a particular topic, exploring all sides of each issue, would be the ideal way to kindle that flame.  That would be wrong.

My daughter had an experience that will illustrate this perfectly.  She was taking a history class at an Ivy League university.  The process for an exam was very simple.  Five questions were delivered to the students prior to the exam.  Upon arriving at the exam location each student blindly drew a piece of paper which had printed thereon one of the five questions and that became the topic of their submission.  My daughter and I had discussed the five questions and debated possible responses…it was a stimulating study session for both of us.  Her exam question was: Discuss the significance of the following events: (1) the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; (2) the internment, for the duration of World War II, of Japanese residents in the US in camps in California; and, (3) the failure to stop the Shoah (Holocaust).  Her submission was well written, well-argued and, as it turns out, worthy of a D.  She met with the head of the History Department who explained that the correct answer was simple, to wit, America is a racist nation.  This was the answer that would have earned an A.  The Department head did, however, acknowledge the strength of her submission and agreed to tear it up, forget the exam had ever taken place and would allow her to earn her entire grade based on the final exam alone.  She got an A because she learned to regurgitate the answers the teaching assistants were looking for…because they require agreement with what they believe to be so.

Climate change:  This subject is a religion, an orthodox religion, that makes the catechism of the Papacy in the Dark Ages look like an exercise in free thinking.  Raise even the barest suggestion that there might be a contrary opinion on the topic of man-made climate change and you are hit with the compelling rejoinder…”the science is settled”.  Based on what you ask…because, you silly fool, it is so.  Apparently ignorance is a “safe space”.  No measurable temperature change for almost two decades, the collapse of every predictive model, the revelation of skullduggery by the climate “scientists” of East Anglia, the apparent hoax that is the Mann hockey stick showing a sudden asymptotic increase in global temperatures in the late 20th century and the magical disappearance of the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age from the climate history is to be ignored because the liberals believe absolutely that anthropogenic climate change is incontestable fact.

Fairness Doctrine:  Mitt Romney recently confirmed the good judgment of the American voters in 2012 when they declined to elevate him to the Presidency.  He posited that we were better off in years gone by when we had only three news outlets…NBC, CBS and ABC.  Life was easier, maintained Romney, because we all had the same facts.  Actually facts is too strong a term.  What he really meant was that we all had the same opinions.   Chauncey Gardiner obsessed for eight years about the damage that Fox News was doing to the political landscape.  Fox had the nerve to cover Lois Lerner and the IRS when they were using Federal power to keep the Tea Party “fascists” from being able to raise funds without incurring tax liability.  NBC, CBS and ABC have never heard of Lerner or the IRS abuses.  According to Romney that would have been for the best because before you know it the voters might become cynical about the good work of the IRS Brown Shirts.  And that Limbaugh guy…openly defending Trump and conservative principles.   The left just knows that nothing good can come from allowing unregulated conservative talk radio.

The obvious solution is to ration media content so as to ensure equal time for the left and the right.  Seek a mainstream, balanced presentation of the news and opinion.  But how do we identify what is mainstream?  It goes without saying that Bernie Sanders would be bench marked as a centrist and a purveyor of mainstream thinking.  Whereas Newt Gingrich is an Ult-right troglodyte who channels Heinrich Himmler.  The issue is how do we balance Gingrich there being no such thing as Ult-left.  Simple answer is to get Gingrich, Levin, Limbaugh and Hannity off the air.  They are clearly a threat to democracy and the left goes to the bank with that viewpoint.

Misogyny: Poor Hillary!  The only reason she lost was that men just can’t deal with strong women or with Hillary for that matter.  It is a matter of gospel that women just can’t get a leg up in this world.  Never mind even Hillary paid men in the State Department 30% more than  women were compensated (this will be news to most on the left however).  According to feminist scripture women are paid 25% less than their male counterparts.  But this bit of fiction begs the question: why don’t those greedy capitalists hire only women?  If you run a business and you have labor costs of $10 million wouldn’t it boost your profits to hire women exclusively and reduce your labor costs to $7.5 million?  Probably wouldn’t work for the NFL but it makes sense for most other businesses.  Despite the facts this mythical statistic is one of the cornerstones of the feminist mystique.

Race: Despite the election of Chauncey Gardiner twice we are a racist nation.  The police are an occupying force targeting blacks for absolutely no reason.  Michael Brown was an innocent lad mulling his college options after robbing a grocery store when he was gunned down by a white policeman who was later seen carving a notch into the handle of his gun.  Apparently white policemen are running wild in Chicago every weekend killing young blacks.  (Some) Black Lives Matter is a group of young idealists seeking justice and searching for a positive dialogue with the police.   Please ignore their calls for the killing of policemen.  Pull the ring on the back of the neck of any millennial and you will get one of twelve and only twelve completely original cliches about the systemic racism in America.

When it is pointed out that race relations have been set back 40 years by our first black President liberals get the vapors.  For eight long years blacks were told by our President that the deck was stacked against, that white supremacists were everywhere plotting mischief or worse, that asking for photo IDs to vote was intended to suppress the black vote and that the last remaining 3,000 members of the KKK are ready to ride to reestablish the glory days of the Democrat Party!  There isn’t a liberal in America that does not believe each of these statements.  The real sin, however, is the success the Democrats have enjoyed in sapping the confidence of the black community and in increasing the dependence of blacks on the government…a de facto slavery.  Hands up don’t shoot is etched in stone in the Democrat orthodoxy!

Islam:  The vast majority of our Muslim community is peace loving and understands that there will never be a theocracy in America.  Sadly there are a number of militant, orthodox Muslims who treat women as chattels (including several recent cases of genital mutilation), engage in homophobic violence (Ahmadinejad was very clear when he spoke at Columbia University…without protestors it should be noted…that there are no homosexuals left in Iran), support without equivocation the destruction of Israel and lovingly refer the America as the “Great Satan” (note that we are not relegated to the status of a minor Satan).  To suggest that Islamists who hold such views and who might wish to impose Sharia law in place of the Constitution is to engage in Islamophobia a newly minted term that can be handily applied to anyone who thinks that terrorists might be trying to, well, terrorize us.  That the right is populated with Islamophobes is something the left can believe in, all facts to contrary.

The protestors on our university campuses believe all of the above without dissent, in fact, disallowing dissent.  The right to speak freely is disappearing and it ensures that the millennials will be able to live in their self-described “safe spaces”.  To teach critical thinking with this generation is a fool’s errand because such thinking requires exposure to different ideas and theories and the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction and to reject the propaganda that passes for education in most colleges and universities.  In today’s world ignorance is indeed bliss and work is a four letter word!


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