Have You No Shame

What is the next descending step beyond hypocrisy? A Democrat talking point!

When the various Brown Shirt goon squads (the KKK, the neo-Nazis and Anti-fa) assembled in Charlottesville to take out their aggression on a hapless statue the progressive left (redundancy alert) determined that there were, in addition to the fascist anti-fascists, alleged members of the Ku Klux Klan and card carrying neo-Nazis.

The ensuing outrage centered on the failure of President Trump to disavow each of the 3,000 members of the KKK that were still active in the US. There was also a demand that Trump disavow the neo-Nazis that are lurking about in the dark corners of the country. Chances are that there are very few neo-Nazis, an amount probably equal to the number of Democrats with three digit IQ’s, i.e. not very many. Bear in mind that Trump never asked for or accepted the endorsement of any members of either benighted group.

But how does one execute the required disavowal? Perhaps you follow the precedent set by Jimmy Carter when he was confronted with the fact that he enjoyed the full-throated support of John Wayne Gacy, a mass murderer and Democrat enthusiast. In other words…nothing.

The Democrats never need to even think about disavowal of their financial and political supporters who are discovered to have engaged in embarrassing behavior…or worse. No apology necessary. Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and Anthony Wiener are charter members in the sexual predator pantheon. All of their depredations are studiously ignored. After all Monica Lewinsky owes her fame and fortune to her willingness to take a knee for the President, anthem or no anthem.

And now we have Harvey Weinstein, foot soldier in the war against women. What he has started will be like one of those 10,000 domino falling events that were once the rage…no one in Hollywood is safe. It took Hilliary five days to even respond to the revelations and NBC actually killed the story even as they knew it was true. An anonymous source tells NBC that Trump is manufacturing nuclear weapons in the White House basement and will increase our payload tenfold…good enough for front page above the fold. Apparently they were requiring photos and stained dresses to nail down the Weinstein story. The Hilliary interview in the UK was wonderful when the boorish interviewer actually tried to compare the behavior of Senor Weinstein to none other than the lovely and vivacious Bill Clinton. No one can pull the “old news” card out of a holster faster than Ms. Clinton. And try to follow the logic behind her evasion regarding the return of the $250,000 that Handy Harvey gave to the Clinton Foundation. Cliff notes version: It has already been spent. Meaning: As contributions have dried up we don’t have the money. And besides which Trump is a known sexual predator. The one thing you will never hear is a condemnation of Weinstein by the Democrats.

May I suggest one final contribution that Harvey can make to the DNC? Change his party registration from Democrat to Republican…then the media arsenal can be seamlessly redirected at the party of Trump! In that context acting like Bill Clinton is a genuine outrage.

While we are talking about disavowals…why don’t the Democrats disavow George Soros who was a Nazi collaborator during World War II? And maybe return the billion dollars he has lavished on the party of Clinton, Weinstein and Wiener in an effort to destroy the US. Would that the Koch brothers received such kid glove treatment!

The Hilliary excuse tour proceeds apace although apparently she took a tumble down some stairs and has had to suspend her finger pointing. According to the former candidate one of the dastardly conspirators against her march to the coronation was a Russian who bought $100,000 worth of ads on Facebook just before the election which targeted states that she lost in the Midwest. It has been pointed out that $2.4 billion was spent on the election but apparently the Facebook ads tipped the scale. A new book will be out next month that suggests that the world’s smartest woman (Hilliary in case you didn’t know) chose to disregard the advice and counsel of one William Jefferson Blythe Clinton (aka Slick Willie) who recommended that she spend a moment or two courting the blue collar vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. After explaining to her exactly what was the “blue collar vote” she decided to focus her efforts on the war against women supported by Harvey Weinstein. QED

Another Obama embarrassment has bobbed to the surface. Susan Rice, you will no doubt recall, stated the Bo Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” in Afghanistan. This week Benedict Bergdahl plead guilty to desertion thereby undermining the comments made by Ms. Rice. This does little to enhance her credibility about such issues as Benghazi. One wonders where the five senior Taliban leaders traded for Bergdahl are today…running 7-11 franchises in Pakistan? This is a reference to the stereotype identified by Joe Biden in one of his myriad gaffes.

Meanwhile the drip, drip, drip of power abuse by the Obama administration continues. Samantha Power’s “unmasking a day” program has been, well unmasked, and we await her explanation of her actions. Maybe she is just that parent who, on Halloween, wants to identify every kid who knocks on the door doing the trick or treat thing. Don’t hold your breath awaiting said explanation.

Judicial Watch has, through the skillful use of FOIA, managed to secure the release of documents that according to the FBI and Justice Department never existed relating to the famous tarmac meeting between Attorney General Lynch and former President Bill Clinton days before the Comey decision not to charge Hilliary. AG Lynch told the fawning press that they were discussing her grandchildren who apparently also never existed. Bill Clinton is the Typhoid Mary of prevarication.

If anyone has James Comey’s cell phone number please get it to me. I need his pick for the 2018 Super Bowl. It turns out that he started to prepare his memo exonerating Hilliary months before the investigation was completed…maybe even 2009. Even if you were totally clueless you might suspect the fix was in.

Now about those DNC talking points…

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  1. No shame-Washington Post says “The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trump’s connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the matter said.”

    NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT,………….are you out there? I can’t hear you!

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  3. Love it. Wish you could see real LiberalLooneyLand, here in Oregon. Will feed you some more priceless policy moves floated by our knee jerk political leaders (i.e., let’s remove the name Lynch from streets and public buildings, as it could offend someone).


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