What has Trump Wrought?

It has become clear that the Democrats survive only because they have mastered the art of argumentum ad ignorantium…using arguments based on the ignorance of their audience. The shills for the Democrat Party have become an embarrassment to truth and logic. Zac Petkanas is Exhibit A. He is an autistic gerbil who seems to revel in going over the intellectual falls in a barrel every time he tries to defend Hilliary. Pathetic!

Now let’s review what Trump has done to reconfigure the political landscape:

Andrew Jackson was the first Democrat President, a slave owner and the man who kick started the forced migration of Native Americans from the East coast to the largely uninhabitable “reservations” out West. His legacy is the Trail of Tears, the forced exodus of the Cherokees from Georgia. Trump is responsible for the second, admittedly benign by comparison, trail of tears, to wit: Hilliary Clinton’s book tour.

The Clintons have become such an embarrassment that the Democrats are feverishly working to get them off the political stage. Bill Clinton is reminiscent of the Peanuts character Pigpen. Every time some scandal starts to bubble up the Democrats are forced to recognize that it is something that Bill/Hilliary has already managed to step in. Take, for example, the sex accusations that have been leveled against Judge Roy Moore. That became a boomerang. Suddenly there is a recognition that maybe, perhaps, possibly the women who raised similar claims against Bill Clinton were treated shabbily and trashed…by Hilliary herself. That all changed because (a) the Democrats had to argue that any woman who makes an accusation must be believed (see, e.g. accusers of Roy Moore) and (b) there has been an ever widening pool of politicos, Hollywood insiders and members of the media elite who now face similar accusations including Al Franken, John Conyers, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose to name but a few.

So lets get some transparency in Washington…how about we get some details on that slush fund of taxpayer dollars used to pay off Congressional employees who had the temerity to raise issues such as sexual harassment against our esteemed Senators and Representatives…we should know who we are paying protection money for.

To the chagrin of progressives of all stripes Trump has delivered on the economy. It is now clear that Obama presided over the worst economy since the days of the barter system. Under Trump we have a soaring stock market, full employment, GDP growth in excess of 3% for three consecutive quarters, consumer confidence is back and better than ever and unbridled optimism in the business community. And how has Trump accomplished this in the face of constant Democrat and media obstruction and negativity? By ignoring them and using his pen. Just the simple elimination of regulations (euphemistically called protections by the benighted Obama team) have energized businesses across the economy. And wait until the tax cuts kick in!

Now about those tax cuts… I have often lamented the fact that there are no Democrats in the public eye who have a three digit IQ. This becomes obvious when you watch the bobbin head dolls of the US Congress…Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. If you add their IQ’s together you don’t crack three digits. They have no understanding of the history of tax cuts in the US or the stimulative effects of such cuts. The Harding/Coolidge cuts in the 1920’s and the tax reform pushed through by JFK were very successful. But they pale in comparison to the tax bill that passed under Ronald Reagan. The massive cuts in the 1980’s doubled Federal revenues. But the Democrats and a few RINOs (John McCain call your office) insist that the proposed tax plan will bust the national debt. This crowd was totally silent when Obama doubled the debt during his eight years of economic failure. The last Obama budget included as a bonus a deficit of more than $500 billion. And we must recognize his redefinition “shovel ready projects”…thanks to Trump we now know exactly what Obama was shoveling.

So the Democrats trot out the static analysis of the Congressional Budget Office to gin up the opposition to the tax plan among the economically ignorant. Let’s go back and score the CBO’s critique of Obamacare…it took fiction to new levels.

It is instructive to note that the Obama family has moved to a very pricey residence in the District of Columbia and their home came with a tenant…Valerie Jarrett. The fair Valerie was the red queen behind the Chauncey Gardiner administration. In a recent book about the transition from Obama to Trump some fascinating information came to light. Apparently after dinner each night in the Obama White House Chauncey would be dispatched to the TV room to play video games while Jarrett and Michelle Obama reviewed the political landscape and made policy decisions to be implemented the following day. As such it was imperative that Jarrett remain close at hand to manage the comings and goings of the former President. She apparently has been cast in the same role Edith Galt played in the Wilson administration. Woodrow Wilson had no idea he was actually President after his numerous strokes.

And how about the derangement syndrome that drives the affected politicos and media types to lust after the impeachment of Trump. This ongoing wet dream has reached comedic levels. Recall that the Democrats confected a fantasy that team Trump had colluded with the Putin team to secure the Presidency. Remember how the left pilloried James Comey for his erratic behavior during the campaign. Having witnessed Comey’s incompetence Trump terminated his employment…exactly what the Democrats had been demanding. But now the decision to terminate Comey is described as an obstruction of justice. So Comey leaks government documents (felony?) for the purpose of forcing the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. He gets his wish and, as if by magic, Comey’s mentor and BFF, Robert Mueller, gets the job. And in order to ensure an impartial investigation Mueller stacks his team with donors to the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

It is at this point that the investigation encounters an inconvenient banana peel. They decide to charge General Michael Flynn with lying to the FBI. The progressives have a collective orgasm. This is the beginning of the end they announce. Maxine Waters dusts off her articles of impeachment. But wait…it is revealed that an FBI member of the Mueller team has been texting with his paramour (an FBI attorney) suggesting he has a strong anti-Trump bias. This is so blatant that Mueller decides to terminate this idiot’s connection with the investigation. That almost sounds ethical but then it comes to pass that this very same FBI talent was up to his eyeballs in the investigation of Hilliary and her emails. He was the person who interviewed Hilliary herself but did not feel it important to put her under oath. As it turns out if you aren’t under oath you can’t possibly be accused of lying. Say what! We now learn that he was also the person responsible for changing the language in the final report describing Hilliary’s behavior as careless rather than negligent. That converted it from a violation of the law to a magic escape hatch that allowed the elusive former first lady to skate. Mighty convenient that.

The irony is that not only was this testament to FBI integrity removed from team Mueller but he was given a most humiliating demotion…he was transferred to HR!

And the star witness against Trump, according to the now discredited Brian Ross, will be General Flynn whose resume includes being fired by Trump for lying and a guilty plea to the charge of lying to the FBI. Can you spell credibility?

In addition we must mention the Gorsuch appointment, the withdrawal from the Pacific Trade Agreement, proposed renegotiation of NAFTA, the decertification of the Iran agreement which had been perpetrated by Obama (or was it Valerie and Michelle?), withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords and the Keystone Pipeline. Slowly Trump is erasing the Obama administration from recorded history much as Marty McFly’s family was disappearing from a photo while he was visiting Hill Valley in 1955.

If you want an impeachable offense go back to the Obama administration’s decision to weaponize the IRS to target political opponents. Lois Lerner is a poster child for political corruption. She took the Fifth when she appeared before Congress and now she is fighting maniacally to seal her testimony on the topic because she fears for her safety. Make it public and lock her up!

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  1. Don’t forget we are worried about election fraud from Russia, when in fact we see the biggest election manipulation in history stemming from the Oval Office in 2016. Obama not only directed surveillance of his chief candidate (sounds Putinesque), but swiftly ended any investigation into his preferred replacement. Sounds like Mr. Mueller is working the wrong case!


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