Snipe Hunting 101

Fans of the original Star Trek television show will remember the futuristic terminology…photon torpedoes, Di-lithium crystals and Phaser banks. Little did we realize that the primary defense for the Enterprise, the Deflector Shield, would become standard equipment for all spokesfolks for the Democrat Party. No matter the question that is asked it is seamlessly deflected to the talking points of the day. Whereas the Chatty Kathy doll had only twelve completely new and original cliches available at the tug of the ring on the back of the dolls neck the DNC apologist doll can be programmed daily with a battery of unresponsive deflections. We can hear obfuscations any time…all at the pull of a ring!

During and after the stunning election result in 2016 the Democrats and their lickspittles in the media and in academia began a two pronged attack on the legitimacy of the Trump administration. (1) Donald Trump did not agree to accept the results of the election if he were to lose which was portrayed as a betrayal of democracy and evidence of the dark side of the force. (2) Trump was in cahoots with Vladimir Putin and they collaborated to steal the election. All questions regarding the behavior of Democrats was immediately deflected to one of these two arguments no matter how tenuous the connection.

Trump wins! DNC squid ink team deflection: Because California and New York provided a popular vote margin of 2.9 million so really Hilliary won so the Democrats are entitled to ignore the election results. Trump is illegitimate! Electoral College…is that an accredited institution?

Now about that Trump/Putin collusion. DNC fog machine deflection: 17 US intelligence agencies agree that the Russians hacked our election so case closed! Unfortunately it turns out that only three agencies made any such claim and, following Comey’s evidentiary guidelines, no facts were necessary to support the conclusion. Nonetheless it is slavishly repeated by any Democrat speaking near a microphone. Ponder this: When the OBAMA administration received reports of Russian interference they did a Comeyesque investigation. The Republicans readily agreed to make their intranet available to the FBI for analysis to determine if there was a hack but the Democrats refused and Hilliary used bleach bit to clean her unauthorized system and beat all of her hand held communication tools to death with a ball peen hammer. This triggered zero interest on the part of Inspector Clouseau and the rest of the federal investigation team.

Need more: the Mueller investigation, the FBI and the Department Of Justice. Historically the FBI has been a well-respected crime fighting organization. In the past they have understood their role in our constitutional structure but today the management team at the Bureau has become a corrupt, incestuous gaggle of bureaucrats who have lost site of the part they should play. Exhibit A is the former director James Comey. This intellectual mediocrity sold his soul to the progressive left when he decided to protect the Clintons. Deciding that Hilliary was “innocent” before she was even interviewed, assigning an agent with an open hatred of President Trump (who, by the by, was engaged in an affair with an FBI attorney who also held Trump in low regard), failing to put the truth challenged Ms. Clinton under oath for the interview, ignoring the destruction of subpoenaed emails and giving immunity to her lying associates, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin.

When it was clear he was circling the bowl he decided to leak a government memo he drafted to the media for the purpose of setting the table for a special counsel. This is a manifestly incompetent man who even HR would agree should have been fired. When the inevitable firing takes place it is described as an “obstruction of government”. Standard DNC flack deflection: This has all been litigated and there is not a scintilla of evidence that Hilliary did anything wrong.

It is believed that the FBI was involved in the work of fiction that is the so-called “dossier” confected by Fusion GPS which was bought and paid for by team Clinton and passed off as opposition intelligence. It is likely that the fake dossier (which relied on information provided by the Russian government) was the basis for the FISA Court warrant that targeted the Trump team. How easy would it be to verify this story. Apparently it is far too complicated for the FBI or the DOJ to make it happen.

Step one: Determine the role of Fusion GPS in generating the dossier. But alas Fusion GPS refuses to make any information especially financial records that might clarify the sponsor of the dossier. Subpoena anyone? The DNC obfuscation deflection team points out that Fusion GPS may have originally been retained by the Republican Party so don’t you be blaming the Hillary campaign for spending almost $10 million to complete the project.

Step two: Track the path of the dossier from Fusion GPS to whoever paid for it and determine if it ever made its way to the FBI or the DOJ as has been reported. This should not be as difficult as, say, tracking a barefoot person walking on granite but no one has attempted this simple investigatory project.

Step Three: Determine whether the dossier was used to secure the FISA warrant that allowed Big Brother to intercept communications involving members of the Trump team. Was is used to justify the unmasking of anyone who ever knew Trump? The latest from the Cirque de Soleil verbal acrobatic team of the DNC…the entire Russian collusion story was started but a drunken discussion in an Australian bar. Or was it a talking mailbox on Fifth Avenue? Check the regular appearances by Richard Goodstein (DNC deflector extraordinaire) who makes the acrobats in Cirque de Soleil look like slugs. Clearly the DNC HR recruiting team sets up card tables at every stop used by the short buses across America.

Step Four: Present the evidence that flows from the previous steps to the American people which should, if you listen to the Democrats, close the case on the dossier. Sadly that requires a belief that they have any interest in the truth which they treat like the ball in a dodge ball game.

Which in turn brings us to Robert Mueller, a man who was until very recently described as a person of great integrity and probity and non-partisanship. And in case you missed it he is Comey’s BFF. It turns out that Mueller has collected for his team a group of scalawags and scoundrels. Most are progressives and financial supporters of Obama and Clinton. We have now learned that a now discredited FBI agent, author of some 10,000 emails many of which made clear a pro-Hilliary and anti-Trump bias was (a) the point man on the Hilliary investigation and (b) a member of the Mueller witch hunt team. He has since been fired by Mueller. And don’t forget his paramour who held a similar bias and was also part of the Mueller lynch mob. The investigation has not made any pretense of abiding by its mandate, i.e. determining if the Trump team colluded with Russian agents to influence our election. It is more likely that they will find that Trump cheated on a Russian history exam in college than that the Russians had any impact on our election. I sure hope he never did any jaywalking when he was living in NYC because you can be confident that anonymous accuser will soon be appearing in the main stream media. One can only wonder how Joy Behar will react to a jaywalking bombshell. Clearly Mueller is not even remotely bi-partisan and is not subject to any administrative restraints on his political jihad. Hilliary lies and Michael Flynn fries!

Recently it was revealed that the Obama administration may have turned a blind eye to drug smuggling by Hezbollah. As the story goes Obama agreed to ignore the drug fundraising project by Hezbollah (surprisingly they didn’t have kiosks in malls during the Christmas shopping season) in order to protect his Iran deal. The reports included a number of sources and seemed to be well researched. Then along comes Marie Harf, another short bus recruit, who pooh poohs the entire story as being unsubstantiated and without factual basis. No one pointed out that it was actually stronger than the reported Russian collusion story. It should be noted that Ms. Harf practiced her deflection skills as a spokeswoman at the Obama State Department, aka the hall of mirrors!

Is a sainthood in Hilliary’s future? All you need is two miracles. Her first was the fishes and loaves story involving cattle futures. She parlayed a $1000 investment into a $100,000 return! Experts reported that the odds of this happening were in the neighborhood of a billion to one. Her second miracle would be convincing any human being that she does not have an allergy to all human emotions. Old joke: A Democrat rubs a bottle and a genie appears. He is granted one wish. As he hates to fly but loves Hawaii he requests that a road be constructed from San Francisco to Hawaii. The genie dissolves in laughter and explains the logistical problems associated with such a construction project. Chastened the Democrat asks that Hilliary be made charming. The genies response…do you want two lanes or four!

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