The Left…Redefining Clueless

The Democrats and other leftists have several gifts that must be appreciated. The first is the ability to sow confusion among their lemming like constituencies by making simple issues appear to be complex because complexity is truly baffling to the devotees of the Democrat Party. The second is the ability to overlook the simplest clues about issues that are in the public eye. They brush past the obvious and ignore simple facts in order to create a false and misleading narrative. Happily their constituents are unable to fight their way through the maze thus allowing for easy manipulation.

Follow this rule: KISS…Keep It Simple Stupid.

Herewith examples of the art of avoiding the obvious:

Is Hilliary Clinton a compulsive liar? That she lies routinely is a simple statement of fact. However, if you suggest this to a Democrat they turn into Rumpelstiltskin and start to spin straw into gold. You get answers like: “this has all been litigated” or “this is old news so it is time to move on”. The prevaricator-in-chief will throw out some cliche like “If I had to do it over I would have acted differently” which may sound like an admission of error but we can be sure she sees it only a deployment of her deflector shield. In order to understand Hilliary you need to follow just a few simple clues. She claims she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first person known to have conquered Mt. Everest. He and his Sherpa guide, Tenzing Norgay, reached the summit of Everest in 1953. Hilliary was born in 1947. So wouldn’t it be better to argue that Sir Edmund was named after her? And how about the landing under fire in Bosnia? She stated that she had to make a serpentine run (run?) to avoid the sniper fire. It turns out that there is a video of the entire event showing Clinton being greeted by a young girl holding a bouquet of flowers. Two conclusions are possible: (1) the young girl was much braver than Hilliary; or, (2) there was no enemy fire, sniper or otherwise. Moral: Do not lie when there is a video that will contradict your story. Lesson: Hilliary will lie when there is absolutely no reason to lie so why should we believe anything she says when there is a genuine reason to lie e.g. the Rose law firm billing records, Benghazi, cattle futures, private servers, classified emails, etc. etc.

Is the science settled regarding global warming/climate change/climate chaos? Remember it was “warming” until it stopped warming. Then it was “climate change” until it became obvious that the climate is always changing. Then it was called “climate chaos” because that would allow any weather event to be described as man-made chaos. Did we miss a clue? Do you remember the East Anglia Climate Research Unit? Let us refresh. There were a series of “leaks” from the East Anglia team that made it clear the data had been manipulated and that communications so stating should be deleted. This is all you need to know…word went out that it was important to the continuing climate change fraud that the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age had to disappear, that the temperature graphs should be ironed out to get rid of previous inconvenient climate phenomena. It would appear that Michael Mann heard the call and delivered to the world, as part of his temperature “hockey stick”, a temperature graph that showed no change for 500 years. It was as flat as an EEG of any Democrat Senator. So it is not possible that the science could be “settled” when it is not even real. All you need is a complete nincompoop like Al Gore to run with the bogus science so as to enrich himself.

Did the Russians “hack” the 2016 election? Imagine the following conversations:

(1) RNC: RNC headquarters. Make America Great Again. How can we help you? FBI: We have credible evidence that Russian agents of Vladimir Putin are attempting to hack the US election. We want to audit your computers and intranet as soon as possible. RNC: Sounds serious how fast can you get here? FBI: Our Agent Peter Strzok and his caddy Lisa Page will be there tomorrow morning. RNC: We will give them complete access.

(2) DNC: DNC headquarters. Don’t elect the misogynistic racist Donald Trump. How can we hurt you? FBI: We have credible evidence that Russian agents of Vladimir Putin are attempting to hack the US election. We want to audit your computers and intranet as soon as possible. DNC: Are you out of your mind? No way we can allow that. There are pictures of our candidate in yoga pants and America is not ready for that visual. Piss off! We won’t allow you access to anything. Hangs up.

And yet the Democrats continue to argue that Russians did hack their intranet using their deep state asset Julian Assange. But that begs the question: Why not allow access to prove the point? Obvious conclusion: no one hacked the DNC. Besides it was easier to hack Hilliary’s illegal server.

Was the Fusion GPS dossier legitimate? Let’s review the bidding. Fusion GPS was paid by the Hilliary Clinton campaign to produce a dossier which has been described as “opposition research”. The dossier was never vetted as everyone, including Fusion GPS, has admitted. The dossier was provided to the FBI who did not bother to verify the material contained therein. The dossier was a product of the imagination of Christopher Steele and based on alleged intelligence from the Russian government. The hapless John McCain was the conduit between the DNC team and the FBI. The dossier was used to support a request for a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and transition teams. Here is a simple way to address the veracity of the dossier. Let’s bring Christopher Steele before Congress, grant him immunity, put him under oath, to answer a few simple questions. This would allow us to determine the source of the “facts” set forth in the dossier. But no Democrat will support this obvious step. Why not?

Do we need a wall on our Southern border? The answer is very simple. Are any illegal drugs crossing that border? Are those drugs distributed to Americans helping to drive our opioid epidemic? If so then we need a wall to protect the public from the smuggling and distribution of drugs. QED.

Here are few random observations:

The “theory” of evolution has been completely refuted; We have gone from Washington, Madison and Hamilton to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer…evolution or devolution?

Obama demanded and received a $900 billion stimulus/infrastructure package to attack the recession. 3% of the total amount went to infrastructure. Obama’s observation: I guess the shovel ready projects weren’t so shovel ready. By the way he adds: “What’s a shovel”?

Trump is criticized for leaving meetings because he is bored thereby confirming that he is unfit for office. Obama is described as bored and the assistant President Valerie Jarrett observes that he is bored because he so much smarter than everyone in the room and has trouble dealing with mere mortals. The media reports her comments as wisdom.

What do Senator Cruz and Hilliary have in common? They both read fiction publicly: Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham during a filibuster while Hilliary reads Fire and Fury at the Grammy awards.

A female reporter writes a piece alleging that the Trump marriage was a sham. Laura Ingraham invites this vertiginous clown onto her show to let her explain this allegation. The reporter makes clear that she deals only in facts. Fact #1: Trump is disgusting! Ingraham suggests that that particular observation may be subjective. The woman admits that she thinks Trump is disgusting so everyone else must think the very same the thing and that makes it a “fact”. That is the bread and butter of the main stream media.

Mark Green @shadowingtrump, a defender of all things irrational, debates Tucker Carlson and when things start to go South he suggested that Trump was following the lead of David Duke. When was the last time any sane politician mentioned David Duke in polite company? Duke was a registered Republican and therefore, in the fevered mind of Green, represents all Republicans. Robert Byrd, Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan and longest serving member of Congress in US history, was the majority leader of the Democrats in the US Senate. Why doesn’t that suggest that all Democrats support the KKK?

Is anyone really surprised that Trump and his legal team discussed the possible termination of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel? If there was the possibility that Mueller was conflicted wasn’t it reasonable to have such a discussion? Thereafter it was reported that Trump wanted to “fire” Mueller but his lawyer threatened to quit if he did so. Mueller is still chasing white rabbits and Trump’s lawyer says he never threatened to resign. Story over, right? Not so much. MSNBC has suggested that Trump wanted to have Mueller prosecuted. Throwing down that gauntlet can’t be ignored! Should we anticipate that CNN will try to get out ahead of the curve by reporting that Trump has asked Putin to assassinate Mueller? This curve is an asymptote.

Don’t you hate sesquipedalians?

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  1. Should add a visual . . .Pelosi chewing cud (or maybe it was a Tide Pod) at the SOTU when the gallery was asked if they appreciated the lowest African American unemployment level in history, or if they stand for the National Anthem. Better yet, the six CBC members donned in traditional African scarves who all apparently suffered simultaneous strokes during the speech. As American as Apfel Strudels or Moo Goo Gai Pan are those democRATS!

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