Has Morality Become Relative?

In an earlier post it was noted that the French Revolution marked the time in history when moral authority became disconnected from the operation of government. The rise of Communism was driven by this notion. VI Lenin was an amoral man and his godchild Joseph Stalin continued that trajectory. Every totalitarian or authoritarian ruler from Hitler to Hugo Chavez acted without any moral anchor, without any suggestion of moral constraints on their behavior. Saul Alinsky developed the philosophical scaffolding for people like Barrack Obama and Hilliary Clinton to define immoral behavior as acceptable governance. It supports taking humanism to its logical conclusion, i.e. there are no restraints on what man can do.

The events unfolding in the US today are a great example of this Orwellian end game. A conservative pundit in the 1990’s noted that Bill Clinton never thought he lied because “he created a new reality every day”. His charming bride is no better. Our former President Chauncey Gardiner in a recent speech made clear that he is a member of this amoral club. In a breathtaking demonstration of hubris Obama took the position (in order to distinguish himself from his successor) that there was no scandal or conduct for which he should be embarrassed. This is strong confirmation for the argument that he never really understood that he was President and confirms his silly response when asked about any events that might raise an eyebrow or two…”I didn’t even know about it until I heard it from the media”. Which means we must suppose that he was actually watching Fox because they were the only one’s reporting such things. Which further means he was not following the sycophantic so-called “mainstream media” (MSM) which remains to this day a staunch defender of all things Obama. Speak to any member of that chummy group of lickspittles and they will respond with blank stares if you mention Lois Lerner, Fast and Furious or any of the other examples of Chauncey’s blinding incompetence.

The so-called Fourth Estate has embraced a level of moral relativism that would make Robespierre proud. There is an obsessive refusal to present the facts that relate to most news especially if the subject is, directly or indirectly, Donald Trump. You will note that in any story relating to the Democrat “elite” (an embarrassingly inapt self-indulgence) that facts are studiously ignored. If Hilliary had been indicted (as she should be) NBC, CBS and ABC would cover stories that can only be described as unserious. On the other hand if a political jock sniffer like George Papadopoulos reports, in a drunken stupor, to an Australian diplomat in a bar in London that he has dirt on Hillary which came to his attention indirectly form the Russians and which he is willing to give to Trump (who had never even met him) that is blockbuster news. The MSM without any attempt at veracity races breathlessly to the nearest microphone to identify the mental droppings of Papadopoulos as the smoking gun showing that Trump is the Manchurian Candidate, Putin’s sock puppet. Later when it is discovered that this random Australian diplomat is a major contributor ($25 million) to the Clinton foundation the MSM “journalists” become astronomers, looking anywhere but toward that facts.

And what is the basis for the elitism of the political class, the MSM and Hollywood? And why does that cripple their ability to understand and deal with Trump? Victor Davis Hansen provides an insight into this question. He has suggested (paraphrasing) that the elites equate failure to gain social status, the failure to go to the right schools and failure to embrace the right “ideas” with incompetence or lack of talent. Trump derangement syndrome is the only way to describe the universal reaction to Trump and his supporters.

Hilliary describes his supporters as “irredeemable deplorables”. In a recent speech in India she made the ludicrous argument that making America great again indicated anger because blacks have rights and women want to have jobs. She made a further point that “married white women” only voted for Trump because they were told to do so by their husbands, bosses or sons. So much for Women’s Liberation. If these statements had been made after she fell in the bathtub and broke her wrist (or bumped her head?) then it could be written off as concussive behavior. But alas she actually believes what she says even though her default position is prevarication. Trump should be embraced for having saved the country form the ministrations of this imbecile.

All of this is an appetizer for the “Russian collusion non-scandal”. This week they finally got around to firing the completely discredited Andrew McCabe. This clown has presided over a carousel of incompetence at the FBI. This follows the termination of the original ringmaster, James Comey. Not surprisingly the MSM has steadfastly avoided any discussion of the facts that brought about McCabe’s disgraced exit from public service. In unison they raced to blame Trump and his war on the FBI, Trump’s paranoia regarding the phantasmagorical Disney theme park attraction known as Mueller’s perpetual motion machine and Trump’s totalitarian instincts. There has been no reportage of the fact that Trump had nothing to do with McCabe’s removal. It was an internal DOJ decision based on the Inspector General’s report and a recommendation from the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibilities. All one had to do to understand the merits of the case against McCabe was follow the text messages exchanged by Peter Strzok and his paramour Lisa Page. That anyone employed by the FBI could be so stupid as to memorialize the material in those texts was allowed to deal with confidential information is an indictment of McCabe (their boss) and the entire HR function at the Bureau. Try having an extramarital affair with a colleague and producing more than 50,000 compromising texts in a non-government environment…and thinking that you continue to work. Sadly these once star-crossed lovers are still employed. That alone supports McCabe’s removal!

When the “elite” class is on a mission truth and morality twist slowly in the wind.

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