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Today language is being abused. Communication is much more difficult when words are misused or the actual meaning is not understood. One is reminded of the words written by Eric Blair in his classic attack on totalitarian countries like Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany and other left wing dictatorships: War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery. Blair could move seamlessly into a communications position with the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

Let’s take the word “spy”. A good definition would be “an individual who covertly infiltrates a nation or organization to gather intelligence about that nation or organization for the purpose of undermining the effectiveness of that nation or organization.” See, e.g. James Bond. But the word “spy” does not apply when an individual working for the FBI or DOJ covertly infiltrates the Trump campaign to gather intelligence about the campaign for the purpose of undermining the effectiveness of the campaign. That is described as looking out for Mr. Trump’s welfare just in case there are Russians trying to interfere with our election. And of course there would be no spying required to protect any candidate running against Mr. Trump, despite the Democrats claiming, without substantiation, that Russia “hacked” their computers, because, well just because…. Confusing, right?

How about the historic term “brown shirt”? Adolf Hitler used his brown shirts (common street thugs and criminals) to physically attack his political opponents, to intimate anyone with whom they disagreed, to burn books and to ensure that people who opposed the Nazi/fascists were silenced. They were adamantly opposed to free speech and used violence to shut people down. Today the fascist brown shirts appear as the common thugs and criminals of antifa which, ironically, stands for “anti-fascist”. The demonstrations at Berkeley targeting conservative speakers could just as well have taken place November 8-9, 1923 in Munich. The event is remembered as the Beer Hall Putsch which, despite its failure put Hitler on the political map. It is interesting to note that, unlike antifa, the German brown shirts did not require masks to hide their identity. Perhaps they are not afraid they will be identified for what they are.

Bias is defined by Dr. Webster as: prepossession with some point of view that the mind does not respond impartially to anything related to that point of view. Unbiased as defined by Peter Strzok: Trump is a d*****bag, Trump is an idiot, Trump is unfit for office, we will stop (his election), Trump will be a destabilizing influence and he should lose 100,000,000 to nothing. These were comments made by the aforementioned Strzok while impartially investigating Hilliary Clinton and Donald Trump during and after the election of 2016. No bias to be found here…move along!

Keeping families together: According to our moral arbiters (i.e. the progressives) illegal immigrant parents and children must be kept together and any attempt to break up a family suggests Nazi sympathies. Put aside the fact that when the Nazis broke up a family reunification was impossible other than by seance. Progressive programs that destroy families, such as the not so Great Society or abortion, are, as it turns out, perfectly in keeping with left wing moral compasses. They seem not to understand that these programs have a disparate impact on future Democrat voters.

Racism is the ultimate pejorative in modern political discourse. It can be applied even where there is no “race” involved. You are a racist if you criticize the followers of Islam even though Islam is not a race. If you oppose illegal immigration you are a racist even though the people immigrating illegally are not defined by membership in any particular “race”. Apparently being against anyone or anything can lead to an accusation of racism. It is interesting to note that anti-Semitism is not classified as a form of racism. Technically this covers both Jews and Arabs but in today’s parlance it is generally applied only to Jews. The Jews are subject to greater discrimination than any other group but very few rise to their defense. When the Arab states vow to remove Israel from the map the moral elites become astronomers.

Defining the word hypocrite: Hypocrite: see Democrat. Democrat: see Hypocrite.

An acquaintance recently suggested to me that Trump has sent an “anti-black” message or dog whistle to America and that speaks volumes about Trump the man. I asked how he divined this anti-black message. His response was that he could find very few blacks at Trump rallies which means that Trump and his base are “anti-black”. As it turns out his rallies are basically open to the public. For his rally in Wilmington NC 2,000 tickets were issued through a website. There were no questions to be answered concerning racial persuasion, citizenship or any other discriminatory tollgate. In fact some 6,000 people showed up most of whom had not bothered to secure tickets. There was clearly no effort to keep the audience “white”. There were a number of blacks in attendance and there was no reaction from the Trump followers in attendance. Blacks might choose to avoid a Trump rally for reasons other than the possible racism of the Trump supporters. There might be a not very subtle social pressure placed on blacks to avoid being seen at a Trump event. A more likely argument is that the left wing media was relentless in describing Trump and his supporters as “white supremacists”. Those who are victims of the progressive propaganda might believe such nonsense and boycott the Trump rallies.

The same was said about the Tea Party rallies which were held in such controlled venues as the Mall in Washington DC. There is a video available on YouTube showing a black man handing out Tea Party literature at an event until he was assaulted by 3 or 4 members of the SEIU. If you do not access so-called conservative news site you would have missed the assault because it got zero coverage on the establishments networks.

There one word that is fast becoming obsolete: Logic. An example from this week should suffice. The blindingly incompetent but morally superior Rod Rosenstein issued indictments for 12 Russians for allegedly hacking the DNC intranet. The announcement was timed to impact the summit between Putin and Trump. No proof has been offered up and it is unlikely that any of the people charged will ever appear in a US court. (Note: Why not charge them before the World Court in The Hague if this is a real issue?) The spin that has been added by the Democrat propagandists is that these Russian miscreants were sleeping soundly until Trump stated publicly that we could get our hands on the missing 30,000 Hilliary emails by simply asking Putin to send them to us. (Note: The word sarcasm has apparently been removed the dictionaries at all Ivy League schools.) A great line! Sadly this is where logic gets derailed. You will recall that the FBI had approached both the RNC and the DNC as part of an investigation into the possibility that the Russians were trying to hack their respective intranets. The RNC allowed the FBI full access. The DNC refused to allow access. The DNC hired a private firm who told the FBI that the DNC servers were secure and had NOT been hacked.

After the show trial indictments had been issued the Democrat foot soldiers pointed out, without any evidence, that the Russian hacking began 38 seconds after the Trump comment referenced above. That according to mental midgets like Congressman Smalwell (Idiot-CA…is that redundant?) constitutes QED proof of collusion between Trump and Putin. Smalwell would have us believe, all evidence to the contrary, that he graduated from an accredited law school. Now follow the logic: the accusation is that Trump told Putin to get the missing Hilliary emails. His IT henchmen immediately started looking for those emails on the DNC servers. As we now know a number of the “deleted” emails contained classified and sensitive government information. Which begs the question: what were these classified documents doing on the DNC server? That would be another pile of felonies committed by Citizen Clinton…n’est-ce pas? Too late…the lemmings have been mobilized.

The Democrats want to abolish ICE. This would be a tragedy. The progressives have driven many people to drink and now you get nothing “on the rocks” and warm soda. A real reason to vote Republican!

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