Donald Trump: Satan’s Stunt Double

Or so the media would have you believe. Case in point: A deranged anti-Semitic misanthrope enters a synagogue during Shabbat and murders eleven worshipers. Little did we know, until the media pointed it out, that anti-Semitism had all but disappeared since Hitler exceeded room temperature in 1945. It was noted that hatred of Jews was apparently in deep hibernation until November 8, 2016. And then there was a kelev whistle and Bowers was unleashed. But the statistics show that hate crimes against the Jewish community have been rising steadily since 2013. And Trump has a Jewish daughter, a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren. And didn’t he move the US embassy to Jerusalem thereby keeping his campaign promise? Perhaps that event triggered an anti-Semitic reaction. And isn’t the most infamous and vocal anti-Semite in America Louis Farrakhan a friend of the Democrats? It was recently discovered that a picture of Obama with Farrakhan was withheld from public consumption at the request of the Democrats. If you follow the left wing media you would not have seen that story!

It is difficult to watch the horror that is the dueling wildfires in California. Man is almost helpless in the face of such uncontrolled conflagrations. As it turns out Trump is culpable because he did not, in his 22 months in office, fix man-made global climate change. There is no mention of the failed forest management programs practiced by the Democrats who run California…into the ground. One spotted owl or white tailed kite in the woods and all programs that might minimize the risk of forest fires are abandoned. It is clear that Trump is trying to create a fiery Satanic purgatory, perhaps as a foyer for the netherworld.

Saul Alinsky would love that description because he did, in fact, dedicate his anti-freedom screed, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer. But there may be a silver lining to the application of Alinsky’s lunacy, i.e. California.

Alinsky’s basic theme is that the destruction of western civilization and the creation of an authoritarian communist state could be accomplished by so overburdening the system that it will collapse. He then argues that an authoritarian Phoenix will rise from the ashes and the so-called progressives will impose their will on all mankind. A simple example should suffice. Alinsky would marshal his shock troops to inflict a level of discomfort on the working class with such childish pranks as flooding public restrooms in public buildings with a mob such that the working stiffs would be unable to go potty. When they had the entire building hopping up and down in discomfort they would, for an immodest fee, move on to the next target. Let my people go…to the bathroom! Now imagine that program on a grander scale.

For example you could have the government double the national debt, dramatically increase the number of people who depend on transfer payments such as food stamps, open the borders to unfettered immigration or print enough money to create an inflation time bomb. That does sound vaguely familiar if you think about it. These were the policies of Barrack Obama who is an acolyte of Senor Alinsky. But that pesky Constitution limited the Obama wrecking ball to a mere eight years. That impediment aside his progress toward Alinsky chaos was impressive indeed. So what is the silver lining?

I give you the disaster that is California! A sanctuary state, overly restrictive environmental controls (excluding forest management), the highest welfare population in the US, a major city that publishes maps to identify the location of fecal matter (and not for scavenger/scatological hunts), businesses fleeing to lower tax jurisdictions, free medical care for one and all including those in the state illegally, etc. (I would recommend Ocasio Cortez as the Finance minister for the People’s Republic of California…a perfect fit as she has no understanding of economics or basic math). In short they are creating an Alinsky collapse scenario. The American public can watch this laboratory experiment of Alinsky’s plan in living, if smoke screened, color every day. They have all but thrown in the towel by electing Gavin Newsome as the new administrator of the asylum. The taxes are sky high and will only go higher. And like Arizona the state constitution must have an IQ cap for US Senators. (More on Kamala Harris later.) We should reach a point in the not too distant future when it might be in our best interest to let Mexico have the entire enterprise. Be careful what you ask for.

And FYI…Hilliary Clinton was a follower of Alinsky and she would have, had she been elected, continued the policies of the great community organizer. One big reason to be thankful for Trump each and every day. But do not despair because she is making noises about running yet again. She is either a masochist or a sadist depending on your “perspective”.

We may be approaching the end of the recount in Florida. All cemeteries have reported and, barring a massive FedEx delivery of newly discovered ballots, we may be able to end the farce. Two boxes of votes for Samuel Tilden arrived but, alas, too late to keep Rutherford B. Hayes out of the White House. Nonetheless some were counted and the mystics assigned to divine the intent of the voters gave several hundred of those votes to Bill Nelson. The mantra of the chattering class was that we must “count every vote”…at least once. That chant was later modified to suggest that only legally cast votes should be counted. Unfortunately that modification only confused the Democrat election officials what with the inclusion of the word “legally”. And where was that sentiment in 2000 when Al Gore went to court to disallow the inclusion of votes from our troops serving overseas. The Gore campaign successfully disqualified hundreds of such ballots.

Kamala Harris proved once again to be a one phrase pony. If she were a Chatty Cathy doll she would only be able to handle one line at a time when you pulled the ring on the back of her neck. The original had twelve or so completely original cliches available to the lucky owners. Apparently the good Senator has only one theme per day and recently it was the endless repetition of the word “perception” when she was comparing ICE to the Ku Klux Klan. It should have been immediately pointed out to this benighted fool that the first major difference is that there are Republicans working in ICE…not so the KKK. In any case no matter how many times the witness disagreed with her characterization she carefully avoided any facts choosing instead to allude to the “perception” that ICE and the KKK were comparable. The perception to which she referred was created and propagated by the Democrats and the media. And this idiot thinks she is presidential material. The use of perception is not an unknown practice. I have a friend who was worried about the perception that Trump was “anti-Black” because there were so few Blacks at his rallies. I asked if they were actually barred from attending. Must be came the response from the Harvard grad. I pointed out that the rallies were free and admission was open to all. Perhaps endlessly repeating the myth that there are no Blacks at his rallies (not true, by the way, at the rally I attended) because Trump is a racist created the very perception they identified. The logic of the left is truly mystifying.

Keep your eye out for Trump IED’s…Idiotic Embarrassing Decisions…that manage to befall his detractors. Michael Avenatti is a three time loser. First he has Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels, feminist role model) sue Trump. The suit gets thrown out and Avenatti is now required to pay the President’s legal costs. Undaunted he dredges up Julie Swetnick to allege in an affidavit that Justice Kavanaugh drugged women and participated in gang rapes of the disabled women. She claimed she was a victim who, sadly, had to attend ten such parties before she got her turn in the barrel. Now she and Avenatti are subject to a criminal referral because her story was kaleidoscopic, changing with each daily turn of events. The cherry on his sundae is that he now stands accused of felony domestic violence by a female sparring partner. And Avenatti has actually been discussed as a possible Democrat candidate for 2020. Luckily if he goes to jail the Democrats have many abusive men waiting in the wings so he will not be missed.

Another IED victim is the ever lovely and winsome Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcahontas. She was hoodwinked by Trump into taking a DNA test to prove her American Indian heritage. Not so much as it turns out. The fallout includes a very funny cartoon showing a turkey awaiting the Thanksgiving beheading. The turkey argues in his defense that he is 1/1024th bald eagle. That about sums it all up.

Remember Concord Management? That is the firm indicted by the Mueller carousel of incompetence. It is alleged that this “Russian” internet company was part of the attack on the 2016 election. It appears that the Mueller team did not do their homework and assumed that a Russian firm would never show up for the trial. Well Ollie this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into. Concord showed up ready to go to trial and Mueller had to fold the con claiming they were never properly served. The judge was not fooled by that ploy because he noted almost immediately that they were actually standing in the courtroom.

Hilliary was the victim of the biggest IED…she lost to Trump in the greatest upset since the 1969 Mets. Now she is dedicating herself to proving that she does not have the intellectual horsepower to be President. In an interview she actually argued that the nubile Monica Lewinsky, who regularly took a knee in the Oval Office, was not victimized by former President Bubba Clinton. She suggested that he could not have committed sexual harassment because there was no disparity in power between the 22 year old intern and the most powerful man in the world. Which begs the question: why is anyone concerned about potential abuse of power by Trump? After all he is on the same level as a White House intern!

What do Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump have in common? Despite a continuous barrage of negative coverage and personal insults…Reagan is an “amiable dunce” and Trump is a lying racist…both men remained eternally optimistic about America’s future. We are, indeed, the shining city upon a hill.

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