DNC to Replace SNL

A reader of this blog asked about the inspiration for my posts.  The answer is simple…watch and listen to what the Democrats do and say.  For example…

It is now clear that we are at the threshold of a comedy renaissance.  As proof please follow the comedic stylings of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).    She is the QED for the argument that borrowing for a college education is a waste of money.  You might as well invest in all of Al Gore’s environmental disaster predictions.  Always wrong but never in doubt!

Take for example her suggestion the there have been $21 trillion of Pentagon accounting errors and that amount would finance a portion of her Medicare for all pipe dream.   Conjure up the image of a member of the Joint Chiefs putting on a uniform he hadn’t worn for several years and finding the $21 trillion in the pocket. By the way $21 trillion would cover the total defense budget for the last 40 years.  Perhaps she thinks the entire defense budget is one continuous accounting error!

In one public declaration she blithely announced that her goal is to have the Progressives to control all three “chambers of Congress”.   Faintly reminiscent of Obama’s driving desire to campaign in all 57 states.  AOC participated (until the fuzz arrived) in a protest in the office of Nancy Pelosi demanding a commitment to make the US economy totally green.  Imagine looking out the window of your 747 preparing for take-off with the wings covered with solar panels.  The additional weight, however, might preclude the participation of passengers.  Every time she tries to think she risks a cerebral hernia!

But it did not take her long to demonstrate that like all liberals she reverts to government retaliation when she is offended.   Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme pointing out that socialism may not be the right answer for America: Image of AOC asking “Why are you so afraid of a socialist economy?” and another image beneath Ocasio-Cortez of President Donald Trump with an overlay of text saying, “Because Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them.”  AOC’s response was to suggest that she would use Congressional “subpoena power” to go after the younger Donald Trump.  She has a lot to learn but there is no evidence that she capable of learning anything.

The Clintons, Bill and Hill, have taken their comedy routine on the road.  They opened to a disappointing crowd in Toronto…17% of capacity and it is likely that tickets were deeply discounted or comped.  Next stop Sugarland, Texas.  This one had to be postponed because Hilliary was allegedly attending a wedding in India although she may have been returning cash to disappointed contributors to the Clinton Foundation.  They may want to consider booking AOC as the opening act.  Many would attend with the hope of witnessing another of her historic or political malapropisms.

But the stand-up routine of the month goes to Mazie Hirono, a Senator elected by the barely qualified voters of Hawaii.  She (with a straight face) tells an interviewer that Democrats “know so much” and they are too smart to be able to communicate with the unwashed masses.   This from a woman who, based on her performance during the Kavanaugh hearings, can be charitably described as a blithering idiot.  You should never have to tell people that you are smart…it should be self-evident and it is always better to sit quietly and let folks assume you are stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.  She confirms the truism voiced by President Reagan: “It is not what liberals don’t know, it is what they know that is wrong.”

These are yet more examples of the need for the Democrats to explain to the world that they are soooooo smart because it must not be obvious to most observers.  Remember when the media asked the rhetorical question: “Is Al Gore too smart to be President?”  His career is a testament to the error of that suggestion.  We should also remember that Valerie Jarrett, Assistant to President Obama, felt the need to explain why Obama appeared bored at times.  It was obvious (to a least Ms. Jarrett)  that he was always “the smartest person in the room” and had trouble checking down his over inflated intellect to deal with mere mortals.  The observation is true if, and only if, Obama is the only person in the room.  Was not Hillary the “smartest woman in the world” (NOT) and the most qualified candidate since William Henry Harrison?

So what drives this obsessive need by Democrats to explain to the world that they are so much smarter than the rest of us all evidence to the contrary?  Insecurity?  Lack of confidence? Lack of self-awareness?

They begin by providing a frame of reference with respect to the comparative intelligence of Republicans.  Reagan, the greatest President of the 20th century, was called “an amiable dunce”.  Maybe they remember his days as a Democrat.  VP Dan Quayle, aka Mr. Potatoe Head, was dumb, almost as dumb as Sarah Palin although it only took an hour for her to get WW I and WW II in the right order .  Bush 43 was yet another bumbling moron. 

The question is why does the left have this obsession with intelligence as a qualification for leadership.  Hoover and Nixon were two of the smartest men ever to occupy the White House.  John Quincy Adams was a very intelligent and well educated man who, after leaving the presidency, served in the House of Representatives.  Taft left office to become the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.  They all had one thing in common…they were unexceptional Presidents.  So we might be justified in concluding that we may need to revise our definition of “intelligence” as it applies to politicians.

The next post will be address the relationship between progressives, intellectuals and governance.  We are ordering the smoke and mirrors now!

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  1. “So what drives this obsessive need by Democrats to explain to the world that they are so much smarter than the rest of us ?”
    A thought:….when you don’t have a strong argument or principles to drive your platform the most natural thing to do is to dismiss the opponent as inferior (intellectually, morally, etc.)


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