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We are living in interesting times which should remind us that we are living the Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” For years we were told that the United States would soon be facing the same collapse scenario that brought down the Roman Empire. Here are some simple examples that may prove that there is some validity to that depressing prediction.

Ignorance is not only accepted but glorified. The poster child for that statement is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) rookie member of the House of Representatives. Recently she expressed her frustration with critics who seem to rely to an inordinate degree on “facts”. Her response was that she would rather be morally right than factually right. Her ignorance is manifest, especially in the area of economics which, it is rumored, was her major in college. A degree from Boston University has about the same value as 100 shares of Enron stock. The curriculum at BU clearly does not include learning or logic.

Education is actually brainwashing. Education does not, it appears, involve actual learning. Check the “confrontation” between a group of elementary school children and Senator Feinstein. The subject was the New Green Deal being pushed by AOC. Each of the marionettes spoke their rehearsed lines about the end of the world in 12 years and then the puppet master, i.e. the teacher/brain washer, repeated the Pavlovian stimulation lines. It was an embarrassing moment for American education.

The media has sold its soul. They are feverishly destroying intellectual curiosity. Much is made today about “fake news” but that is not really the issue. It is what they choose not to report. The media fails to report anything with which they disagree and or which does not support their world view. This is exemplified by the decision by Chuck Todd to ban any guest from his show Meet the Press who does not support the concept of anthropogenic global climate change. This imposes a filter on the news and does not allow people to hear opposing views. Recall that both Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney support the proposition that we should shut down those news outlets that they believe make it impossible to ensure that we all have the “same facts”. Censorship is the goal to Obama and Romney.

Progressives want to divide and dominate society. They start with the premise that they are “intellectually” superior to the bulk of the population. It is sobering to contemplate that AOC is, allegedly, a progressive. They use terms like “deplorables” to describe those who were opposed to our enlightened leaders. People they oppose are all racist, xenophobic, homophobic and will do anything to keep women from achieving their dreams. We had a black President reinforcing the proposition that the deck is stacked against black Americans. This is intended to reinforce the proposition that blacks are second class citizens in America. The LGBTQ community is at risk. Protecting the borders is based on a fear of those who are “not like us”. White men are the cause all the ills in the world.

There will be posts addressing each of these points. This post will deal with the issue of ignorance and its propagation in our society.

Ignorance and arrogance is a lethal combination. We have always been told that ignorance can be cured but stupidity is forever. So it should be an imperative that we address the appalling ignorance of the likes of AOC.

Take, for example, her New Green Deal. Initial price tag has been toted up to be about $92 trillion give or take a few hundred dollars. The good news is that this is a ten year spending plan and does not require an immediate expenditure. It will bankrupt our country and it shows the ignorance of AOC in her college major, economics. I fear that there are many other facets to her ignorance. This is without doubt the dumbest, most unrealistic legislative agenda ever presented in the United States. And why must we take this Draconian action?

AOC, famed haruspex, has divined that the world will end in 12 years unless we accept her idiotic plan. She has concluded that man-made global climate change will bring everything we know and love to a screeching halt unless we adopt her proposed cure. And now the Governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, has announced his candidacy for the 2020 Presidential election. He will run on one issue only…global climate change. There is, however, one major banana peel involved. Man-made climate change is a scientific and political fraud.

Ever since Al Gore published his attack on science, An Inconvenient Truth, he has steadfastly refused to engage in any debate on the topic. He started the mantra “The science is settled”. This statement fails on two counts: (1) there is little science involved, and (2) nothing is settled. There is always great deference given to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This is a political not a scientific organization and the UN refuses to allow any discussion of the natural causes of climate change. In short, no dissent is allowed and those who challenge the emperor’s tailor are likened to “Holocaust deniers” which is a non sequitur of the first order.

People should study the fraud engaged in by the University of East Anglia, School of Environmental Science. There was a leak of internal communications suggesting that data had been manipulated, contrary information disappeared and research shaped to correct inconvenient truths about global climate history. They wanted the Medieval Warming Period expunged from polite conversation and they supported the so-called hockey stick developed by Michael Mann of Penn State University. The IPCC reports I through IV featured the hockey stick as an eye-catching visual that made it look as if temperatures were unchanged for several millennia and then became an upward asymptote in the late 20th Century. In the Fifth Report the hockey stick disappeared because the model that generated the curve was not working. This did not even slow them down.

If you encounter that rare someone who is willing to discuss the topic ask them what ended the Last Ice Age. 20,000 years ago there was 5,000 feet of ice on Albany, NY. I lived near Albany for many years and never once did I race out the door and run headlong into a wall of ice. What happened to it? Global warming! No fossil fuel was in use, no automobiles and people were not a factor. The Medieval Warming Period (roughly 900 to 1300 AD) was warmer than it is now. They raised sheep in Greenland and there were vineyards in England. From 1300 through 1850 AD there was a climate event called the Little Ice Age. In the 1970’s scientists predicted a new ice age and the Russian climate model, the most accurate we have today, predicts 250 years of cooling in our future. These facts are never presented in schools today because it would interrupt the hysteria of AOC, her prediction of a 12 life expectancy for the earth and, as a result, her power grab. She is, after all, “in charge”.

There is no effort to even investigate the natural causes of cyclical climate change. A personal example will show how the system operates to smother debate. My son was in middle school when the teacher/propagandist asked her students to vote on whether climate change was real. All but one student said they were all in on the myth. The lone realist was my son. The teacher scheduled a debate for the end of that week and my son was going into the steel cage with two of Pavlov’s subjects. My son has the information shown in the preceding paragraph and one wonderful visual. A glacier was receding in Greenland revealing an island that was uniquely shaped. It was a W. The giddy scientists named it Warming Island. Shortly thereafter a map was produced from 1904 and there was Warming Island with no ice cover. The class voted the next day and seven students had switched their vote. Ignorance had been addressed…successfully.

There is another topic of discussion that never fails to embarrass the global warmists. Ask what greenhouse gas they believe is the primary driver of climate change. The answer will usually be CO2. Ask them to show the amount of CO2 in the environment as a percentage. Imagine a football field of 100 yards. Ask the alarmist where a line starting at the goal line representing CO2 would reach. 50% would show the line reaching mid-field. The answer is that CO2 would be a dime standing on edge at the goal line. A barely detectable amount. The most significant greenhouse gas is water vapor and that comprises about 90% of the total. You cannot model water vapor. Try to find this information in any public forum. Censorship has ensured you won’t see it.

Here are some suggested readings: The Great Global Warming Blunder by Roy Spencer, A Disgrace to the Profession by Mark Steyn, Climategate by Brian Sussman, Bjorn Lomborg’s The Skeptical Environmentalist, Climate of Extremes by Patrick Michaels, The Hockey Stick Illusion by H.W. Montfort and Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 years by Fred Singer. These represent the antidote to ignorance on this topic. I can guarantee you that AOC has never even walked by a library where these books can be found.

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  1. Wouldn’t these efforts be best directed at the major polluters ( ie China)? And why aren’t that? Of course, assuming this is caused by man-made pollution.


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