Education or Indoctrination

The American education system was for years the envy of the world. Getting a liberal education was deemed to be an essential step in the development of a free human being. VI Lenin had a slightly different perspective. The ruthless communist leader said: “Give a child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”. He saw education as brainwashing, teaching only what the state wanted the child to learn. I taught at the college level for 13 years and in my last year I got the greatest compliment a teacher can receive. A student approached me during the break and said that he did not like my attitude in the classroom until he realized that I was “teaching him to think critically”. A humbling and rewarding moment. My work was done.

If you have a driving desire to be depressed take a look at the curriculum offered by accredited colleges and universities in America. The University of Texas offers a class in “Invented Languages: Klingon and Beyond”. One wonders how the information from that class applies to any career on this planet. How about Princeton (Michelle Obama’s alma mater) and the class entitled “Getting Dressed”? Perhaps applicable to those Princeton grads who will someday work in the daycare industry. How about Western Civ or World Literature? What about learning to write effectively? Not necessary in the world of tweets and instant messaging. A friend of mine worked at a prestigious East Coast law firm and he had the thankless task of teaching the recently hired law school grads to do legal writing effectively. Very few could write well without significant remedial training. What in the world did they do for three years in law school?

Even worse is the political indoctrination that takes place. At San Diego State University there is a course about President Trump called “Impeachment, Removal and Special Counsel”. One would have trouble believing the class is taught without bias. The University of Illinois allows it’s students to enjoy the challenging “Trumpaganda: The War on Facts, Press and Democracy” based, which you must think is drawn from the short time Trump has been in office. In conjunction with these flights of intellectual fancy these universities also protect their charges from any unwanted contact with conservative or libertarian ideas by restricting access by speakers, such as Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro. Or, for that matter, anyone who does not meet the orthodoxy of the college campus. Most schools do offer therapy if one of the right wing crazies does manage to breach the walls of the academy. Antifa Yes, civil dialogue no!

This relentless drive to maintain an ignorant population starts in elementary school. Watching the student props confronting Senator Feinstein was instructive. These young people have been taught that the world will cease to exist in 12 years as AOC has predicted and they were clearly on a mission to please their teacher by repeating mindless twaddle. Independent thought and failure to embrace the academic zeitgeist are punished. When high school graduates cannot distinguish between capitalism and socialism society will suffer when these students graduate and try to deal with the world as it actually exists.

AOC is a great example of educational failure in America today. She has a degree from Boston University with a double major, economics and international relations. To date she has shown a stupefying ignorance about both subjects. She has, however, shown the ability to endlessly repeat even the most complex cliches. She has shown an intolerance of being subjected to scrutiny of what she says and does relying on the time honored defense…she is morally if not factually correct. She will not accept any disagreement with her socialist/communist/crazy agenda and has threatened to “primary” anyone who votes against her. As with most Democrats she avoids substantive arguments relying instead on ad hominem responses. One hopes that BU is so embarrassed that they are exploring their degree recall options because clearly her four years were not well spent on “education”.

It is sobering when you realize that she has no understanding of economics. No clue what the marginal tax rate is. She believes that the tax incentives offered to Amazon to locate a facility in New York have now been “saved” and are available to spend. One cannot imagine where she thinks the $92 trillion for the Green New Deal will come from. That amount is only four times our annual GDP. Sadly the so-called mainstream media will never dare to ask her to explain the economics of her plans. H.W. Bush referred to Reagan’s program as “voodoo economics”. AOC’s program is acid flashback economics. She is the exemplar of what passes for learning at colleges and universities today. She wasted four years but she did put her degree to good use as a mixologist. Laurence J. Peter call your office.

How did AOC manage to blunder through 17 years of schooling without learning anything? The answer is to be found in the public school system. The teacher unions and the Department of Education bureaucrats do not measure success by tracking academic progress. They seek to establish an educational monopoly. Charter and Parochial schools are attacked relentlessly in large part because they deliver a better product to their customers. Recently the teachers of West Virginia went on strike opposing legislation creating charter schools. Competition is a four letter word and most public students will believe that. The public education system is applying the twisted logic of Lenin and the young people who showed up in Senator Feinstein’s office prove the point.

Arrogance and ignorance is a lethal combination and AOC adds a third component that makes it thermonuclear…she is just plain dumb!

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  1. AOCs thought that the Amazon tax breaks were saved was stupid. But she’s not wrong to argue that Amazon shouldn’t get tax breaks that the local pizza shop doesn’t. The tax code shouldn’t be applied arbitrarily.

    People just assume that Amazon got tax breaks for bringing jobs. But what if they got tax breaks because NY political class like Bezos politics? I doubt the Koch brothers would have gotten any incentive from NY.


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