Long (Term) Division

The issue of race in America is, today, the continental divide of politics. You cannot listen to a Democrat speak for more than 47 seconds before accusations of racism begin to fly like paintball pellets. Any intelligent person will quickly come to understand that the left has no idea what racism actually means. They just know that the reaction to the accusation will be swift and terrible.

At the risk of repeating what has been stated on this blog before we need to establish some context to our present situation.

The British colonies in America were not the first to utilize slave labor. Slavery has existed for millennia and exists today in some areas of the world. It is an abhorrent practice and should be condemned. It was antithetical to our founding documents. We fought a bloody civil war which ultimately ended the practice of slavery in the US. Unfortunately the Democrat Party not only defended slavery but they practiced a strain of white supremacy that was the cornerstone of the Party for 100 years after the surrender at Appomattox. Democrat politicians such as Theodore Bilbo, George Wallace, Orval Faubus and Richard Russell defended segregation, opposed civil rights for black Americans and vigorously supported the Jim Crow laws. They repressed black voting rights and tolerated lynching and the Ku Klux Klan. As late as 1952 John Sparkman of Mississippi was a candidate for the US Vice Presidency on the ticket headed by Adlai Stevenson. Sparkman was a white supremacist who defended segregation, opposed enforcement of the Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education, and publicly regretted the establishment of the Civil Rights Commission. The Democrats were shameless!

Now imagine a black child born in America in 2000. Do not factor in any of the sociological data such as place of residence, parental situation or income level. This youngster will, by the time he turned 9, have witnessed the election of the first black President. This is a potentially transformative event. There was a palpable sense of renewed confidence among blacks. Obama had an opportunity to reconfigure the racial political landscape. He could have been a great President had he risen to the occasion. Alas he failed completely.

What this young black heard was a steady drumbeat of negative propaganda teaching that the deck was stacked against him. He was told that racism is pervasive, that bias was institutional and systemic. The term “white privilege” became the societal standard. (Some) Black Lives Matter tried to convince young blacks that the police were consciously targeting them and myths were created to enforce this perception. The Michael Brown fraud became “Hands up don’t shoot” and it was chanted coast to coast. Ignore the fact that it was untrue. The media ran with this fake news story and it became an article of faith.

If our young black was a student attending inner-city schools the Democrats ensured that he would receive a second class education. Efforts to provide magnet or charter schools was zealously opposed despite the fact that a majority of black parents wanted the chance to send their children to schools that did not have metal detectors. Obama cancelled a scholarship program for black students in the District of Columbia and several thousand blacks were denied the opportunity to get a better education. Teacher unions have threatened to strike in any district that tries to provide educational opportunity outside the failing public school system. This results in the continued momentum of ignorance and helps explain the behavior of elected officials like AOC and Robert O’Rourke (we don’t use the nickname” Beto” as it seems to us to be a cultural appropriation). The ignorance of many politicians reinforces the ignorance that pervades our society.

Can you blame young blacks for believing that they don’t stand a chance? They have been taught by the liberals that they cannot succeed without the help of the government. A financial dependence has been imposed on the poorest of the black population. Federal government programs such as the “Great” Society have effectively destroyed the black family. Now more than 70% of American blacks are raised in a single parent household. One can only conclude that the Democrats have worked assiduously to ensure that black social, political and economic progress is blocked. Attempts to challenge this “plantation” mentality are immediately attacked and individuals like Kanye West and Candace Owens are ripped for showing political independence. It is interesting to note that in 2016 black voter participation dropped. The left engaged in the usual scare tactics and we were told that the Republicans were suppressing the vote. Nonsense!

Raise this with a liberal and they immediately rollout the silly argument that in the 1960’s the Republican and Democrat parties switched roles in the South. The left wing media, like Pavlov’s dogs, repeat this canard mindlessly. A check of voting data from the South shows that black participation in Federal elections has increased 25% under Republican leadership in the South. It is now reached the same level as black turnout in the rest of the country. Have you ever heard those data points?

There is another explanation for the lower black turnout in 2016. Blacks were afraid to actually vote for Trump. If precincts that have always voted Democrat by margins like 412 to 1 went 375 to 50 in 2016 it would have put voters who fled the plantation at risk. So not voting was, in fact, a vote for Trump.

The Democrats will continue to maintain this racial divide. The lowest unemployment rate among blacks ever recorded will be dismissed because it would encourage blacks to look at another option. Increase school choice and educational quality and blacks might understand that they have been intentionally left behind. Show them the good work that the police and first responders do in the black community and they might realize that they have been victimized by paternalistic propaganda. The entire plantation system might collapse again.

So our hypothetical black youngster has arrived at a fork in the road. One leads to economic and educational opportunity and, dare we say, intellectual freedom. The other takes him back to the Democrat plantation. Let us hope that he will choose the former. As MLK said: “I have a dream”.

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