Idle Musings on the Lunacy of American Politics circa 2017

Those of us who had to endure the Chinese water torture of the Watergate scandal will remember that the liberal media (pause to act shocked) included a reference at least three times in each story to the mantra: “No one is above the law”.  Sadly for our disgraced former President his last name was not Clinton because there would have been no Watergate and we would have been spared the “gate” at the end of each executive scandal.

More recently we have had to endure the endless carping from Hilliary claiming that her failure to win in 2016 was the result of the refusal of the American people to put a biddy in the White House.  Frankly the word biddy is, like the use of the word “brilliant” as an adjective to describe Elizabeth Warren, grossly misapplied.  The words virago, shrew and termagant better describe Hilliary and would much better explain her inability to charm the electorate.  Of course she also hints that there was a wide-ranging conspiracy aligned against her comprised of the Russians, Comey, Putin,  Comey, white supremacists, Comey, homophobes (a term that did not even appear in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary in 1989) and a host of other “phobias” not including those voters suffering from an inordinate fear of prevaricators (let’s call it: Hilliaryphopia).  Or is it all just Comeyphobia?

Yet she is silent on the wide-ranging conspiracy that kept her candidacy off life support.  Starting with Comey!  On July 5, 2016, with the election looming ahead Comey held a press conference.  He proceeded to present an oral Bill of Indictment setting forth a very convincing case against the truth challenged former Secretary of State.  He catalogued a long list of her legal offenses.  The fact that he did not even bother to raise the deletion of more than 30,000 emails that had been either subpoenaed by Congress or were subject to a direct instruction that they be preserved suggested that he had more than enough to prosecute without these failure to comply with legal niceties.  Or so you might have thought!  It turns out that setting up a personal server on which government business was conducted (thereby avoiding pesky Freedom of Information requests) and placing controlled documents on that server did not indicate an intent to violate the law.  Remember that defense at your next IRS audit.

Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Information, under Adolf Hitler (someone, by the by, with the same attitude toward Jews as any member of the ISIS JV team) is remembered for his promotion of the “big lie.”  He also believed that a lie repeated often enough will become perceived as the truth.  Hilliary and her attendant lickspittles have perfected the Goebbels playbook.  A little known, nor long remembered, amateur video was responsible for the Benghazi attack.  Susan Rice dutifully repeated this lie on every news program that elected to jettison its credibility.  How many times has Hilliary referenced the “vast right wing conspiracy”? If only there was such a thing!

And Hilliary has gone on a blame game tour identifying all those external influences that caused her election defeat.  Vladimir Putin has been photographed voting in eleven different states on November 8.  The Macedonians were responsible for a tsunami of electronic skullduggery.  The FBI in the person of Comey threw a shovel full of dirt on her Election Day casket.  And…Netflix, WikiLeaks, fake news, the Democrat party, Obama, misogynists, the New York Times? (“All the News That Fits We Print”), the abominable snowman and global warming…to name a few.

Such things have never been a legal obstacle to the activities of the Clintons . Their now defunct Global Initiative was a cesspool of corruption which has been ignored by the liberal media.  Wait a minute, stop the presses…a Senate committee has announced that it will investigate an intervention by Clinton with regard to a major donor to the Clinton Foundation who was engaged in corruption in his native Bangladesh.  Imagine dodging all of the issues in the Hansel and Gretel trail of corruption touched on above only to be tripped up by a managing director of a state run bank.  Let’s hope!

Meanwhile back at the fascist anti-fascist campaign…you must check out the Tucker Carlson interview with Yvette Felarca, a school teacher from California.  She seems be leading a national campaign to demonstrate that stupidity is alive and well in America.  Not to mention the total collapse of qualifications for teaching.  Her entire position can be summed up as follows:  If you disagree with her you are a fascist.  Once you have been identified as a fascist (by her definition) then you have forfeited your right to free speech.  They show of film of her physically accosting a Trump supporter which she claims she was entitled to do because, well, he was a fascist.  I am re-reading Alice in Wonderland to see if I can find her character at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.  To borrow a line for Charles Winchester in MASH…stupidity was a word without a definition until she was born.

There will those among us who remember Bob Scheiffer the venerable (or was it vegetable) reporter from the days of Watergate.  Well he has not lost a step at the ripe old age of 80.  He was asked about the suggestion that the aroma of corruption that surrounds the Trump Presidency was reminiscent of Watergate which he covered with his then youthful enthusiasm.  Hold your horses says the vegetative Mr. Scheiffer… forget Watergate…you really have to go back to the days of the Kennedy Assassination.  For those of you who didn’t live through the events in Dallas you may rest assured that the assassination gave birth to some unbelievable conspiracy theories.  It was the CIA, the oil industry, LBJ, the Russians, the Cubans or Fidel Castro.  There were also a few votes for some guy named Lee Harvey Oswald.  Note that there is one common entity in both the Kennedy murder conspiracies and the Trump brouhaha…the Russians.  Scheiffer tried to suggest that his point was that neither the 2106 election nor the assassination will ever be satisfactorily explained.  Neither will the disappearance of Judge Crater, the guilt or innocence of Bartolomeo Vanzetti, the sanity of Al Gore or the existence of the unicorn.

Is Obamacare on life support?  The way things are going the only medical resources left that are covered by the so-called Affordable (?) Care Act will be faith healers.  Almost all of the major health care insurers have withdrawn from the program which is amusing when you recall that they all enthusiastically bought into the hoax because everyone would be required to have health insurance and the providers would reap the profits.  The fact that Obama had a pathological hatred of profits was ignored.  Turns out that most carriers are losing their hospital gowns despite the soaring premiums.  The trick is to find one thing that Obama truthfully represented to get the bill passed.  It can be said that Obama has a firm handle on delusion.  He actually said with a straight face that there was not a scintilla of corruption in his administration…Lois Lerner call your office!

But one thing is true…the genius of the American people is that they see through the career politicians.  It explains the election and re-election of Reagan and the election of Trump.  The term brilliant Progressive is an oxymoron.

Here is a tidbit of historical perspective:  Herbert Hoover was a passive candidate for the 1920 presidential election (he actually considered offers from both parties).  He stayed with the Republicans after making the following observation:  There were three elements of the Democrat Party: the Southern group “dominated by the black specter of the Reconstruction Period”; a set of plundering political machines in many of the large cities; and, a lunatic fringe, near socialists.  The more things change the more they stay the same. And there is now an amusing reaction to the first of the three observations.  This was confirmed during a conversation I had with a confirmed Obama worshiper.  When I mentioned that the Democrats were the party of slavery she said with great conviction that the two political parties have now switched sides on that issue.  Apparently when we weren’t looking the Republicans became advocates of slavery!

Once more through the looking glass.

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