Intellectual Integrity…RIP

Ever wonder where the political designations Right and Left originated? Again we can thank the perpetrators of the French Revolution. The French legislative body assigned seating by political predisposition. To the left of the chair sat the revolutionaries who had no idea what they actually wanted following their scorched earth policies. To the right of the chair sat those who wanted to conserve the monarchy. In the center sat those who were incapable of making a decision, the moderates. Obama would have been placed dead center based on his habit of voting “present” rather than for or against any legislation that might be remotely controversial.

The Right/Left designation remains firmly in place but there has been a distortion of what the terms actually mean. Here is a simple rule of thumb to better understand what the Left and Right actually stand for. Anything to the left of center is based on an addiction to centralized government. Starting with the welfare state and moving left through Fascism, Socialism and Communism. So Mussolini, Bernie Sanders, Adolf Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao are all leftists. Neo-Nazis could properly be designated as Alt-Left even though they are more properly nestled between Hitler and Lenin. The media try to engage in the pejorative exercise of identifying the Neo-Nazis as Alt-Right which suggests a serious case of political dyslexia.

The Right, on the other hand, embraces the position that political power should be decentralized and should be focused at the state and local level where the people would have a stronger voice. Hence the Alt-Right would support anarchy, i.e. no government at all. Of course the movement of power away from a central authority necessarily results in greater liberty for the citizens. The left tries to crush freedom especially of thought.

Sadly the media has no intellectual integrity and seeks to assign positions on the political spectrum based on their personal predilections rather than any philosophical consistency. All media roads relating to the right lead inexorably to Hitler who they describe as a right winger, all evidence to the contrary.

And how about this anthem/flag protest that is being conducted by a group of millionaire athletes. It all began with Colin Kapernick a groupie in the thrall of the brutal dictator Fidel Castro and his private assassin Che Guevara. Kapernick also favors socks picturing police as pigs. Your normal, red-blooded Democrat. His simple “courageous” act of taking a knee during the playing the national anthem stirred the political juices of his comrades in the NFL. The “protest” grew even as Kapernick’s career and paycheck disappeared.

To what end did the growing number of professional athletes join Kapernick’s last kneel? We can assume that very few understand the nuanced position that Senor Kapernick has taken. That is because it relates to a demand for “social justice”. And what, pray tell, is social justice? More importantly how will we know if and when we ever achieve this impossible dream? Does it relate to the allegation that white police are targeting black citizens for extermination? Unfortunately the facts do not demonstrate, even tangentially, that blacks are being singled out by the police. More young black men have been killed in Chicago this year than have been killed by policemen in the last decade. Those black lives just don’t matter because they are killed by fellow blacks. But you never hear that point made by the likes of CNN.

Perhaps Kapernick is protesting the Great Society that has destroyed the black family. Not very likely since no one on the left will even acknowledge that fact. Maybe he is upset by the structural poverty that plagues many blacks residing in the Democrat run inner-city ghettos. Again this is doubtful because the intellectual left (oxymoron alert!) will never concede that the poverty is related to family structure, let alone the tender ministrations of the welfare state. This has been documented incontrovertibly but the lack of intellectual integrity on the left precludes any serious discussion of the topic.

The issue is that for eight years Chauncey Gardner beat into the heads of the black population that they are the victims of unrelenting bigotry and bias. That there is a racist under every bed. That white privilege is an immutable law of nature. After being told for eight years that you are and will forever be a casualty of social injustice blacks have come to believe it is true. And it comes from a man who was elected as the first black president. He should rather have taken the position that he was irrefutable evidence that the US is not a bastion of racism. We elected a man who was manifestly incompetent and ill-prepared for the presidency. He had neither the experience nor the intellect for the role but he won largely because he was black. Call it the victory of white guilt. He showed his appreciation by setting race relations back 50 years. Such that after eight years riding the carousel of incompetence the left achieved a lofty philosophical pinnacle…taking a knee during the national anthem.

We have witnessed another manifestation of pure evil…the horrific attack by a madman in Las Vegas. An employee of CBS offered up a simple defense for not having to be concerned about the carnage. It seems, in the feeble mind of a now unemployed individual, that because country music is a “Republican” genre that one cannot be bothered to care about the dead and wounded. Intellectual integrity does not apply here because the use of the word “intellectual” to describe this person is not possible.

Within hours of the tragedy in Vegas the cuckquean Hilliary Clinton waddled to the nearest microphone to demand ever greater gun controls. This is a Pavlovian reaction to the discharge of any gun in the US. However, she has never once suggested the repeal of the Second Amendment which would end, once and for all, any need to deal with private ownership of guns. It is much like the failure of the left to ban the manufacture, distribution and sale of tobacco products. They do not want to lose the tax revenues from the sale of such products which revenues are, apparently, an opioid addiction.

There is a good reason to oppose greater gun control. History shows that one of the first acts of every dictator is to disarm the people over which they will rule. It ensures that when the Anti-fa brown shirts show up at your door to administer the people’s justice the people will be as docile as baby kittens. Historians note that the German people did nothing to interrupt the rise and rule of Hitler. This is attributed to the perceived Germanic trait that causes the German people to embrace any ruthless ruler. Many years ago the English were lamenting their loss to Germany in soccer’s World Cup. Churchill observed that yes indeed the Germans had beaten the English at their national sport but one must remember that the English had twice defeated the Germans in their national sport.
In any case you will never hear a leftist suggest that a well-armed populace reduces the possibility of a dictatorship.

The piece de resistance of the lack of intellectual integrity on the left is Hilliary’s hilarious account of what went wrong in 2016. At 450 pages it is the longest temper tantrum in US publishing history. Everyone should check the index to see if he or she is named as one of the people responsible for her losing the election. It is also a testament to her lack of intellectual integrity.

Today we have the left railing against large corporations even as they argue that some things are too big to fail…irony on steroids. The only businesses or agencies that can survive in a centralized government are those entities that are big enough to withstand governmental regulation…Amazon and Facebook are two such enterprises that will prove the point!

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