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In the 1950’s and early 1960’s the John Birch Society had a reasonable following. The group was founded by Robert Welch and was named for an American missionary who Welch believed was the first casualty of the war against the world wide Communist conspiracy to establish one world government. Birch was killed in China in 1945. The genesis of the communist plan was outlined in a book titled Proofs of a Conspiracy which the author traced back to the French Revolution.

Welch was perceived as being a bit eccentric because he attributed communist motivation to many groups including the UN, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and any other group comprised of multinational progressives. He thought them all “one worlders”…those who wanted to establish a unified world government. Picking up where Senator Joe McCarthy left off Welch identified individuals, such as Dwight Eisenhower as communist “sympathizers” or agents. A conservative pundit dismissed the ravings of Welch pointing out that Eisenhower “was not a communist, he was a golfer.”

Today little is mentioned about the Birch Society and the general consensus is that any remaining members inhabit the conspiracy theory fever swamp. I was reminded of the Birchers recently when Tucker Carlson interviewed a remarkably ignorant fellow who thought that the answer to all of the world’s issues would be a borderless world managed by a unified government. It was, so this moron opined, the only way to solve the many issues that we confront and bring equality to all of the people. Suddenly Robert Welch appears to have been completely sane.

The concept of the United Nations was originally concocted by the progressive allied leaders including Woodrow Wilson. Following the war to end all wars, aka World War I, he was desperate to have the US join the newly minted League of Nations. We didn’t and in short order the world was engulfed in the war to end all wars, the sequel. In addition to that substantial failure the seeds planted by the hapless League include the instability on the Arabian Peninsula and the balkanization of Eastern Europe. War has not been eliminated but rather reduced in scope becoming endless small wars. After World War II the UN did nothing to change the lack of success of the concept of a “league of nations”.

This is evidenced by the very first issue identified as requiring the ministrations of this imaginary world government, surprise, surprise, the hoax that is man-made global climate change (discussed below). So let us imagine how we would design this all powerful governmental administrative body to address this matter. The deluded soul being interviewed was unable to provide any structural guidance as to how we should proceed.

Look closely at the UN, the original Star Wars cantina scene? The strongest argument against the UN model is the track record of this embarrassing legacy of FDR and Alger Hiss. The UN is anti-Semitic and has a very strange calculus for determining which nations require sanctions. Israel, the only democracy on the Arab peninsula has been the subject of more negative UN resolutions than any other member nation. The last anti-Israel resolution was passed in December 2016…the first which the US did not veto…as a parting gift from President Obama. The only resolution regarding what is now Zimbabwe required that South Africa withdraw forces that were supporting the government of Ian Smith in Rhodesia. This paved the way for Robert Mugabe, a bloodthirsty anti-white dictator, to take power. Prior to 2006 the last resolution involving North Korea was a request in 1993 that the Kim Il Sung, proud grandfather of Kim Jung Un, reconsider his decision to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. All we got was silence on the inhuman treatment of the people of North Korea. There are numerous resolutions involving the country laughingly named the “Republic” of Cuba but they all criticize the US for the embargo implemented by JFK. Crickets on the ruthless dictatorship of the Castro brothers and their official assassin, Che Guevara.

In short there is no left wing dictator that the UN will not canoodle with. Check the performance of the UN Human Rights Council as evidence of this bias. The following nations have, over the years, been members of that erroneously named Council: Libya under Muammar Qaddafi Duck, Saudi Arabia (word is Al Franken supported this one), Pakistan and Uganda, all bastions of human rights.

It is instructive to study the UN and the alleged man-made global climate change. No dissenting opinions are allowed. Dispensations are granted to countries that are among the leading global polluters…China and India. There is an unquestioning reliance on non-peer reviewed junk science. The now discredited so-called hockey stick was a major part of the foundation for wildly inaccurate IPCC predictions until it disappeared without explanation from the last report. Despite this manifest bias and incompetence we are told that only the UN can save the world from this imagined threat. It should be painfully obvious to any semi-intelligent person (which means it will elude the Democrats) that the concept of a transnational governmental agency will inevitably fail.

The World Court is another example of why global organizations are inherently flawed. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were convicted of war crimes by tribunal in Malaysia. They were tried in absentia (Emory graduates should understand that this is not a city in Malaysia). This action is reminiscent of the wonderful movie The Mouse that Roared. And you might ask what exactly this means in the great scheme of things. As it happens Augusto Pinochet, bete noir of progressives everywhere, was indicted by a Spanish magistrate and was then arrested in London based on that silly indictment. It is reported that they tried to arrest Bush when he went to Canada but our Canadian friends refused to cooperate. Would that change now that we have the man-child Justin Trudeau in Ottawa? Do we have indictments past or present of Fidel Castro? Robert Mugabe? Kim Jung Un? Bashar al-Assad? Pol Pot? Common sense?

The Trump administration is nearing passage and enactment of a new tax plan. What could possibly go wrong? Glad you asked… The World Trade Organization, another arm of the one-world government progressive program, has suggested that the tax plan would “contravene international trade rules”! The Plan is being reviewed at the behest of the European Union, the mini-me of global government. Apparently the EU protectionists fear that the US may become, gasp, protectionist. What they really fear is that the US is still under the impression that it is a sovereign nation.

And that is why we should oppose any effort to have the US submit to the restrictions of any trans-national organization. Such organizations are uniformly rife with corruption, moral, financial and political. The EU is run by a host of unelected progressive bureaucrats who have spent their entire lives avoiding any responsibility for making decisions that can be openly debated and, more importantly, avoiding any responsibility for the consequences of the policies that they ultimately inflict on the people. That is the nature of any large, uncontrolled organization.

If you enjoy a good laugh ask a Democrat to defend the position that transnational organizations can actually function efficiently!

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  1. Your insight was stimulating; it hit a nerve..

    I believe social science says its is very difficult to maintain a circle of friends greater than about one hundred people. That presumes that some of those friends have similar interests. Why would one think that a circle of over 150 nations, with diverse histories, virtues, and values, would be anything but a cluster #&%@.


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