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Years ago a conservative magazine suggested that the motto of the NY Times, “All the news that is fit to print”, was no longer accurate. The Times, they said, actually operated on the premise that…”All the news that fits we print”. That is more true than ever. Intellectual curiosity is dead, supplanted by an unsubtle filtering of facts and news to meet a propagandist agenda.

The kerfuffle involving the young students from Covington, Kentucky while they were in Washington provides a perfect example. Strike one: They were students at a Catholic school! Strike 2: They were attending a Right to Life event! Strike 3: Some were wearing a MAGA hat! These young students were DOA after these facts were confirmed. They had the audacity to wait for their bus ride home on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. They were called “bigots, faggots, crackers and products of incest” by the Black Hebrew Israelites. One student, Nick Sandmann, was smirking under the bill of his MAGA hat while staring into the face of an American Indian. And it was all caught on video so it was open season.

Black The video was not played in full and the students were accused of “aggressively” confronting the aged Native American who was reported to be a Vietnam veteran. They were accused of “mocking” the peaceful fellow who was benignly beating his drum. The audio of the hideous insults hurled by the Israelites was not heard on most newscasts. The kids were just nasty, Trump supporting white kids. Almost nothing in the reportage was accurate but it had the proper effect…an anti-Trump feeding frenzy.

The left-wing ground forces were instantly mobilized. Social media carried numerous threats: The students should be locked in their school and it should be burned to the ground said one dispassionate observer. Sandmann’s face was an invitation for a beating said another. The fascists focused on his parents in an attempt to get them fired from their jobs. It was suggested that colleges and universities should be notified and told to refuse applications from Covington HS students. Threats caused the school to be shut down for several days because of concerns for safety. Some Catholic leaders came out against the kids. The media was vigilant in protecting society from these teen aged thugs from Covington. It was all an exercise in civil discourse.

And then a random act of journalism took place, probably perpetrated by those knaves and varlets at Fox News. The entire video was viewed and a decathlon of fake news was unmasked. The students did not harass or try to intimidate the tribal elder. The unspeakable comments made by the Black Hebrew Israelites were made audible and clear. Mr. Sandmann actually waved away classmates who approached the Amerind, now identified as a professional protestor. In short, the story collapsed leaving only the media wreckage and the vile actions of the Pavlovian electronic media wolf pack. The Washington Post, the Jeff Bezos megaphone, has been sued for $250 million and the case will be tried in Kentucky. Additional suits are threatened against everyone who slandered young Sandmann. The intellectual dishonesty was exposed and is now being dealt with.

The real problem, however, with the leftist media, once suspected of being “mainstream”, is what they don’t report. The Obama administration weaponized the IRS to punish political opponents. The point person in this abuse of power was IRS’ Lois Lerner who dutifully went after conservative organizations seeking tax exempt status. She successfully targeted entities that had terms such as “tea party” or “patriot” in their titles. The leftist media had no interest in that story. This should have been an impeachable event but the hapless Obama was oblivious. Trump coverage is more than 90% negative and that does not even count the stories they don’t cover such as: record low unemployment among blacks, Hispanics and women, significant growth of GDP and the elimination of job killing regulations. If Trump cured cancer it would not be covered. Imagine if Trump and his Sancho Panza, Vladimir Putin, had sicced the IRS on (Some) Black Lives Matter.

The latest media outrage is the strange case of Jussie Smollett. When he reported that he had been attacked by two white men wearing MAGA hats in the in sub-freezing weather of Chicago at 3 AM no one in the left-wing media doubted his phantasmagorical story. Smollett said the two alleged attackers told him that he was in “MAGA country” and they put a noose around his neck. He successfully pushed every button to ensure fawning coverage. That Chicago is identified as MAGA country should have set off klaxons in every newsroom in the country. Now of course the Smollett confection has collapsed completely and he has been charged with filing a false complaint, a felony. Nevertheless his defenders remain steadfast that his story should be treated as if it were true. Luckily Michael Cohen distracted the attention of the world from poor Jussie Smollett. The media dutifully raced to the new shiny object.

A curious media ready to ferret out the truth is a thing of the past. Dan Rather who concocted a story based on forged documents would fit right in today. It is fair to say that the percentage of non-left-wing media practitioners is approximately equal to the percentage of people in Chicago who wear MAGA hats, i.e. an asymptote to zero.

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  1. Would have loved for you to go a step further and try to explain the media-bias observation. What’s behind it? Who drives its agenda?


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